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Hendrick’s Flora Adora (Cópia)

Hendrick´s Flora Adora is the gin for the most awaited garden parties! With a base of juniper and coriander, elongated by lush floral notes, green and wonderfully sweet and deep. Flora Adora vibrates with a seductive aroma of enchanting flowers and a character of fresh, consummate and classic Hendrick's herbs.

Engine Organic

Engine Organic was born from the vision of Paolo Dalla Mora, an entrepreneur in the fashion and spirits sectors. Inspired by the world of motorsport and icons of the 70s and 80s, such as the Ford Gran Torino, this craft gin celebrates the culture of racing. Produced in Alta Langa, Italy, Engine Organic distills the essence of 100% organic Italian ingredients. Sage, Sicilian lemon, licorice root, and Damask rose combine with alpine spring water, creating a symphony of natural flavors. At 42% vol., each batch is meticulously bottled by hand. This gin is a tribute to tradition and innovation, offering a unique experience that links Italian automobile heritage with the excellence of spirits. Engine Organic is more than a gin; is a sensorial journey through Italy's cultural and natural heritage.

Tinto Red Premium with glass

Discover Gin Tinto Red Premium, a true revolution in the world of gins. Produced in Valença, this unique gin is the first of its kind, featuring a vibrant red color and an incomparable flavor. Tinto Red Premium Gin is made with 14 carefully selected ingredients, including aromatic herbs such as dill, laurel, nevêda, willow leaf and elderflower. Its complexity is highlighted by the presence of São Roberto herbs, lemon balm, lemon verbena, eucalyptus leaves, rosemary and lavender. In addition to herbs, Tinto Red Premium Gin is enriched with citrus from green orange peel, poppies and wild blackberries. The finishing touch is given by perico, a typical Valença fruit, which gives this gin a truly unique character. Versatile and elegant, Tinto Red Premium Gin can be enjoyed as an aperitif or digestive. When served as a gin and tonic, it reveals notes of youth, freshness and elegance on the nose. Its red color, clear and bright, anticipates a long aftertaste and a fruity flavor that will surprise and delight gin lovers.

Gin Edinburgh Seaside

Gin Edinburgh Seaside is an extraordinary journey that seduces the senses. As you approach, a cool sweetness envelops the nose, instantly awakening curiosity. On the palate, a salty smoothness emerges, evoking the sea breeze, and intertwines perfectly with herbaceous notes that provide an invigorating and refreshing sensation. The finish is clear and engaging, leaving a lasting impression that is perpetuated on the palate, inviting an unforgettable sensory delight.

SHARISH BLUE with glass

Originating in the enchanting lands of Alentejo, this gin is meticulously made with 100% Portuguese fruits, revealing a harmonious symphony of citrus notes and the delicious essence of strawberry and raspberry. Enjoy a unique sensory experience with this refreshing and extraordinarily pleasant gin, ideal for transforming every late afternoon or evening into memorable moments in the best company. Let yourself be enveloped by the authenticity and freshness of this exclusive gin, a true celebration of Portuguese flavors.

Martin Miller’s Imported with glass

Martin Miller's Gin is smooth and delicate, with long lasting citrus notes that are neither too bitter nor sweet, along with juniper berries and culminates in a clean, smooth finish.

GinRaw Gastronomic Small Batch with glass

Originating in Barcelona, created by a couple of entrepreneurs with the help of four masters of their art: a chef, a sommelier, a mixologist and a perfumer. The use of low temperature distillation to preserve the flavors and aromas of its botanicals, which include kaffir lime leave, lime, cardamom, coriander and bay leaf.

Puerto de Indias Strawberry with glass

Combining notes of juniper and strawberry, this is a vibrant fruit-forward Spanish gin, evidently made by accident after trying to create a strawberry liqueur! Very light and sweet.

GinRaw Orange Blossom

The fragrance of orange blossom, the complex flavor of lemongrass and a fresh hint of mint. A fragrant and delicate orange blossom gin with lemongrass and mint. The orange blossom presents floral, sweet, powdery, fresh and green nuances that, combined with lemongrass and mint, provide citrus and herbal notes resulting in a sparkling and original gin.

GinRaw Lavender

The intensity of lavender, the personality of pomegranate and the persistence of lemon peel. A lavender gin, elegant and velvety, with pomegranate and lemon peel. Lavender offers lingering floral notes and fresh aromas, while pomegranate adds a spicy, fruity touch that enhances its luscious flavor and comforting texture on the palate. Lemon peel adds fresh, citrus notes with green and fruity undertones, sparkling and juicy.

GinRaw Cherry Blossom

The elegance of cherry blossom, the sweetness of sloe and the pungent aroma of pepper. A subtle and irresistible homage to cherry blossom, with sloe and pepper. The sloe brings an intense aroma, very aromatic and perfumed with fruity and bittersweet notes, while the pepper gives it character and strength with a spicy touch.

Bickens London Dry

Bickens is the result of mixing two different distillates, both originating from the Langley distillery and made with the same ten botanicals, but their recipes are different. In addition, each recipe is distilled in two different stills: Angela, a traditional copper still over 100 years old, and Jenny, a more modern one. Gin Bickens is particularly dry and rich in citrus and juniper notes, the way a classic London Dry should be.