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Abasolo El Whisky of Mexico Corn

Abasolo El Whisky De Mexico Corn is produced and distilled from the 100% Mexican Cacahuazintle corn, cultivated for over 200 generations by local farmers for its distinct and extraordinary taste. These flavors are praised by the ancestral culinary technique, nixtamization, a fundamental technique in the preparation of corn as food in Mexico and never before used in the production of whiskey. In this way, whiskey abasol reveals deep and tinned notes of roasted corn, honey, vanilla, black tea and leather, revealed through the nixtamization process.

Aberfeldy 12 Anos

Rich and intense, with aromas of honey, pineapple, red apple and toffee notes. Cinnamon sweet with spices. Unctuous texture, cinnamon and nutmeg, mixed with honey, apple, orange, vanilla and a dash of smoke.

Aberlour 10 Anos Forest Reserve

Aberlour offers a new version of its 10 year old building called "Reserva Florestal". This edition went through an additional aging stage with finishing in Limousin French oak barrels after maturing in barrels that previously contained Bourbon and Sherry. The Forest Reserve echoes Aberlour's involvement in preserving the environment, especially in its Speyside region.

Aberlour 12 Anos Double Cask

Golden amber color with ruby notes, smooth and rounded nose with fruity red apple notes. Good Sherried character, fruity aromas balanced with rich chocolate. Warm and persistent finish. Sweet and spicy.

Aberlour 14 Anos Double Cask

Deep amber color, well balanced nose with sweet vanilla and ripe cherry. Round and smooth with caramel jam, black currant and blackberry jam and subtle spices. Long, sweet and perfectly balanced finish.

Akashi Blended

A Japanese blended whisky that has been the subject of some controversy. The bottling for the home market in Japan is made with malt whisky and molasses spirit, which would not be classed as 'whisky' in the EU. This export version, however, is made from malt and grain whiskies.

Akashi Meisei

Akashi Meisei Whisky is a blend made from 45 % malted barley, aged in american oak casks. Rich and deep, it opens to notes of vanilla, oak and spices.

Akashi Single Malt

Light amber color, aromas have light fruit notes with malt, spices, iodine and apricot. In the mouth it is light and smooth, with notes of red apples, toffee and local herbs. Smooth end of clove and freshly cut wood.

Amrut Indian Single Malt

Distilled from barley grown at the North West of India. Amrut mature their single malt in New American Oak and ex-bourbon before bottling.

Ardbeg 10 Anos

Ardbeg has very characteristic aromas, soon identified with peat and licorice. This single malt combines a robustness full of charm with a fine and rich expression.

Ardbeg Corryvreckan

Ardbeg Corryvreckan takes its name from the famous whirlpool to the north of Islay, where only the most courageous souls dare to venture. Swirling aromas and torrents of deep, peaty and peppery flavor lurk beneath the surface of this wonderfully balanced drink.

Ardbeg Uigeadail

Deep golden color. rich and heavy with intoxicating and smoky aromatics. Full of flavor and rich with a coating texture in the deep mouth, the flavor is an intriguing balance between sweet, spicy and intense smoke flavors. The taste is initially sweet. An explosion of winter spices sets off a spicy and steamy explosion, thwarted by a sumptuous palate of smoked food covered with honey and rubber molasses. Deep waves of smoke and rich aromas accumulate on the palate like a fine Montecristo cigar. Incredibly long and elastic with extended raisins, deep mocha tones and rich aromatic smoke in a perfectly integrated finish.