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Moscatel Portal

Manual vintage transported in boxes. Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel vats. Temperature controlled at 14-16 ° C, preceded by cold skin maceration. It presents an extremely elegant color, faint golden. With a delicate body, with an excellent sweet / acid balance, it easily reveals the variety that gave rise to it, due to the fresh exuberance of its aroma and flavor. Contains sulfites.

Moscatel Portal Harvest 2007

Maceration in a lagar and closed vat, at a temperature of 20-22ºC. Internship in hull for a minimum period of 7 years. This Moscatel Colheita is aged in old oak casks, in the style of Old Tawnies. With a tawny color, this wine presents aromas of green pears and apples, as well as caramelized without ever losing its elegance.

Portal 10 Anos + 2 copos Tawny

Manual harvest and then transported in boxes (max 150Kg). Alcoholic fermentation, maceration at a temperature of approximately 28-30 ° C. Aging in old wooden casks until bottling. Auburn in color, this Port has a great fragrance of aroma, still showing some claw, with character and persistent sensation of aromas tending towards spices. It shows the complexity in the mouth that only aging in barrels provides, fresh and balanced. Excellent finish, showing that it is a very versatile Tawny. Contains sulfites.

Portal 30 Anos Tawny

Manual harvest and then transported in boxes. Alcoholic fermentation. Maceration with an approximate temperature. 28-30ºC. Aging in old wooden casks until bottling. Deep auburn in color but with concentration, this Port has a great aroma fragrance with dominance of nuts, figs and spices. Full and silky with great balsamic complexity. Excellent and bold finish worthy of a great wine that was in no hurry to age! Contains sulfites.

Portal 40 Anos Tawny

Manual harvest and then transported in boxes. Alcoholic fermentation. Maceration with an approximate temperature. 28-30ºC. Aging in old wooden casks until bottling. Amber in color with a strong greenish olive nuance, this Port has an excellent aroma of dried fruits like almond and spices. Full and very complex, reminiscent of honey and dried fruits again. Excellent and conventual aftertaste that conveys a little of the grandeur that is the Douro. Contains sulfites.

Portal Colheita Red

Vinified at moderate temperatures, these grapes gave rise to a wine with an aromatic profile, marked by the extraordinary Tinta Roriz, which continues to be responsible for the intense aroma of red fruit, namely cherries and some blackberries. Ruby in color, it shows aromas of red fruits and spices, adorned with notes of wood. Structured and fresh in the mouth, it has an excellent acidity and firm tannins. With a long, seductive and complex ending. Do not forget to enjoy this fresh and fresh Douro. But rest assured that it will surprise you after some bottle aging. Contains Sulfites.

Portal Colheita Rose

Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 14ºC-16ºC, in a stainless steel vat with drop musts or free draining from the press. The wine remains during the short stage in stainless steel vats with its fine lees, in order to guarantee complexity and longevity of the wine. Wine from must obtained only by free draining after crushing the berries. A wine with a slightly pink color and very elegant. It presents fresh and captivating aromas, predominating wild fruits, pomegranate, as well as a light floral. Very good acidity in the mouth, in a very balanced and seductive set. It ends with a slight and elegant bitterness, in a clear invitation for another drink. A gastronomic rosé but also excellent as an aperitif or reception drink! Contains Sulfites.

Portal Colheita White

Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel vats, at a controlled temperature of 14-16ºC. After fermentation, the wine is kept in stainless steel vats in contact with the fine lees until bottling, in order to maintain its freshness and gain complexity. This wine was carefully prepared using the best fermentation techniques and remained in contact with fine lees during the long stage, in order to guarantee greater complexity and richness. Citrine and bright in color, it presents a very elegant and exquisite aroma of apricot and grapefruit, with an enveloping mineral sensation. Very balanced in the mouth, with good texture and acidity giving a unique freshness at the end of the mouth. Very good aptitude and gastronomic versatility. Contains Sulfites.

Portal LBV 2018 Ruby

Aged for 4 years in old wooden casks and unfiltered. An LBV rich in color, the nose shows its fragrance of very ripe red fruits and some forest fruits resulting from aging in wood.

Portal Quinta dos Muros Vintage 2013 Ruby

Wine of color loaded and alive, it shows exuberant in the aroma with strong character of ripe red fruits. Contains sulfites.

Portal Vintage 1995 Ruby

Traditional method in Lagar. Maceration by treading at an approximate temperature. from 28-30°C. Aging for two years in casks. This 1995 vintage is Quinta do Portal's first vintage. An extraordinary evolution, captivating right on the nose. Prune and spice aroma, earthy, fresh. In the mouth, a silky, conversational wine. It starts elegant, then it appears powerful but always velvety. Finishes long and pleasant. A true discovery.

Portal Vintage 1997 Ruby

Portal Vintage 1997 is the culmination of an excellent agricultural year. The wine initially appears closed on the nose, later revealing tobacco and smoked notes complexed by prunes and spices. Silky in the mouth, structured and with complex volume, it ends long and very pleasant.