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Freixenet Reserva Real Brut White

Freixenet Reserva Real Brut White is an exceptional D.O. Cava sparkling wine, crafted from Macabeo, Xarel-lo, and Parellada grapes. With a lemon yellow color and straw reflections, this sparkling wine exhibits fine and fruity aromas, well-balanced with the notes gained from over two years of bottle aging. On the palate, Freixenet Reserva Real Brut White reveals remarkable elegance, with good structure and a carbonic presence that provides subtle freshness. This sparkling wine is the ideal choice to accompany seafood, grilled fish, white meats, or simply as an aperitif. Its perfect balance and freshness make Freixenet Reserva Real Brut White an excellent option for any occasion, offering a unique and sophisticated experience that will surely delight lovers of high-quality sparkling wines.

Freixenet Blanc de Blancs

Freixenet Blanc de Blancs Brut is a cava made with the Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada grape varieties, it has a bright yellow color with golden reflections and medium-sized bubbles, forming a nice crown. Fresh and clean on the nose. Floral aromas, white flowers (very subtle acacia) and fresh fruit (green apple), subtle citrus aromas (lemon). Good structure in the mouth, refreshing, smooth acidity, good carbonic behavior in the mouth and with a very attractive floral finish.

Freixenet Mini Ice Cuvée Especial White

Combining the grapes used to make the classic Black Cord with a touch of Chardonnay for a more intense wine to balance the ice effect. It features fine and elegant bubbles combined with aromas of peach, ripe pear, flowers and a touch of tropical fruits. In the mouth it is creamy and sweet with a long finish.

Freixenet Gran Carta Nevada White

The Freixenet Gran Carta Nevada is a semi-dry basement with great balance, made with grapes of the varieties Xarel-lo (40%), Macabeo (30%) and Parellada (30%). It has a golden yellow color, with touches of aging and floral notes. The palate has a great balance between body and acidity. It ends with a pleasant sweetness. Contains sulfites.

Freixenet Gran Cuvée Brut White

The Freixenet Gran Cuvée Brut is a straw yellow and shiny wine cellar, the nose registers its slight cellar, much appreciated for its freshness. It presents fine and intense aromas, predominantly fruity. In the mouth it reveals a fine and persistent pimple, forming an excellent crown. It is clean in flavors, light and with an elegant and wide retronasal route. Contains sulfites.

Juvé Y Camps Reserva de la Familia White

Made mainly from the flower Macabeo wort, Xarel lo and Parellada harvested in our properties of Espiells, Can Massana and La Cuscona. Cava endowed with a bright and attractive pale golden color. It is tiny and abundant bubbles, rising forming numerous rosaries and a stable crown. Deep, intense and elegant, it evokes initially notes of ripe white fruits. Little by little, its complexity grows and the aromas of a long aging appear. Toasted bread and a certain citrus background to complete its distinction with the aroma. The creaminess of the foam is perfectly integrated in the palate, making its passage through the mouth. It is both fresh, ample and suggestive. All the aromas that are perceived in the glass are displayed in their long finish. Contains sulfites.

Juvé Y Camps Brut Rose

Juvé & Camps Brut Rosé is made from a light maceration of the Pinot Noir grapes, which come from our vineyard on the Espiells estate. This cava features a lovely bright pink color. A large number of small bubbles create a real spectacular effervescence. Its white crown, abundant and lasting, contrasts with its pink background, highlighting its magnificent foam. Its aroma is delicate and intense. In it, you can find clear notes of cherries and strawberries, surrounded by touches of honey, toast and floral memories. It has a very unusual nose in which freshness dominates the wine. It is lush on the palate. The effervescent foam that is released in the tasting is intense and creamy. She strokes the inside of the mouth very gently, releasing all its rich aromas. Contains sulfites.

Juvé Y Camps Blanc de Noirs White

Made exclusively from the grapes of the Pinot Noir variety, on the property of Espiells. A manual harvest in its best maturity and a small transport of boxes, guarantees the integrity of the curls. Manual loading and gentle grape pressing without de-greasing is a magnificent juice with low color intensity. A controlled fermentation and static fermentation, they transform this must into a very personal base wine. Cava with a beautiful golden color, with faint reddish memories that evoke its noble varietal origin. Its very fine bubbles make it rise in beautiful and abundant rosaries. I have a beautiful and persistent crown. Its aroma is amazing. Notes of white fruits and bones, unusual aromas of cherries, surrounded by a background of honey, toast and citrus fruits. An elegant and complex aroma. In the mouth it offers an amazing and fruity structure. Excellent effervescence in the mouth, with great creaminess. Unctuous, fresh, intense and persistent, it invites us to enjoy a wealth of extraordinary sensations. Contains sulfites.

Juvé Y Camps Milesimé Reserve White

Milesimé is a Brut Reserve, made from the free juice of Chardonnay grapes, grown in the vineyards on our estate Espiells. This cava is a beautiful golden color with a superb mousse. The numerous streams formed by its very fine bubbles, rise up regularly to maintain an enduring abundance and crown. The aroma is complex, elegant and intense. Almost immediately evokes the fleshy fruit flavors (peach and melon) and lactic notes. Gradually, its aroma develops, gaining intensity and, above all, complexity. In it you can distinguish notes of honey, grapefruit and toast. It is lush on the palate. Its intense friendly effervescence fills the mouth with a magnificent creaminess. With a remarkable ointment, its texture in the mouth is strong and fresh. This splendid cava has a long lasting aromatic finish. Contains sulfites.

Freixenet Elyssia Brut Rose

Freixenet Elyssia Pinot Noir Brut Rosé begins with pleasant, fresh aromas of raspberry and strawberry with a hint of mint. The wine is very fresh and fruity with apple and honey flavors, plus a little minerality. The dry finish leaves some persistent notes of sweet fruits. Contains sulfites.

Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Magnum White

Freixenet Cordon Negro is a light cellar very appreciated for its great freshness. Straw yellow and bright color, with fine, persistent bubbles forming an excellent crown. With fine and intense aromas, fruits predominate. Ideal for accompanying seafood, risottos and white meats. Contains sulfites.

Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut White

Freixenet Cordon Negro is a light cellar very appreciated for its great freshness. Straw yellow and bright color, with fine, persistent bubbles forming an excellent crown. With fine and intense aromas, fruits predominate. Ideal for accompanying seafood, risottos and white meats. Contains sulfites.