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Abuelo Añejo 12 Anos

A dark 12-year-old rum that has aged in whiskey barrels, which adds a distinctive sweet vanilla. Launched in 2009, it is elegant, slightly smoky and rich.

Abuelo Anejo 1L

Abuelo Añejo Rum is a blend of selected aged rums, perfectly matched by Abuelo's Master Blender. Slowly distilled and patiently matured in small oak barrels, it stands out for its rich and smooth flavor. To enjoy neat, with ice or mixed in cocktails.

Abuelo Añejo 7 Anos

Abuelo Añejo 7 year old rum is produced from the fermentation of cane melon, aged 7 years in small white oak barrels.

Abuelo Napoleon Cask Finish 15 Anos

One of three releases in Abuelo's XV Finish Collection, this has spent the end of its 15-year maturation in barrels which used to hold Napoleon Cognac. A dry rum with notes of dried fruit and coffee.

Abuelo Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish 15 Anos

Part of the 15-year-old Finish collection of Abuelo Rum was completed in oloroso-sherry barrels. This resulted in notes of citrus fruits, roasted almonds and smoked wood.

Abuelo Tawny Port Cask Finish 15 Anos

Finished in Tawny Port barrels, this 15 Year Old Abuelo has berry notes and excellent balance between sweetness and dried fruit flavors.

Angostura 1919

Beautifully soft, revealing a generous and long-lasting array of toasty flavours as a result of long ageing in charred barrels.

Angostura 5 Years

For five years, this rum ages in oak barrels so that, when ready to be enjoyed, it reveals its deep character. It reveals chocolate, spice, vanilla and toasted oak flavors and offers an extremely warm and smooth finish. Enjoyed pure or over ice, but its deep character leads it to combine with strong mixtures, spices and herbs.

Angostura Cask Collection nº1

Mix of aged rum that aged in French oak.

Appleton Estate 21 Anos

Powerful flavor, however with a delicate citrus note, with spices and notes of wood. Also discovered is ripe orange peel, vanilla, nutmeg, hot coffee and cocoa notes.

Appleton Estate Signature Blend

Medium body, quite spicy with black pepper and chilli, a little butter and vanilla.

Bacardi 8 anos

Rum Bacardi 8 Years is originally a private drink from the Bacardi family, it is the most sophisticated and complex rum from the Bacardi family. It is aged for 8 years in carefully selected small oak casks, matured into the most exquisite and smooth rum in the world. Bacardi 8 Years of amber, is extraordinarily aromatic with the aroma of apricot, vanilla and nutmeg.