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Firmamento Loureiro White (Cópia)

Try Firmamento Loureiro Branco, a wine of choice from the Lima Sub-Region, the heart of Vinhos Verdes. Exclusively Loureiro, it reveals the soul of the region's granite soils, the result of careful manual harvesting and vinification that preserves the unique aromas of the variety. Gentle pressing and temperature-controlled fermentation enhance its complexity and finesse. On the nose, this wine enchants with intense floral aromas, highlighting white rose and orange blossom, complemented by citrus freshness. A six-month aging in stainless steel, with regular lipstick, deepens its structure, resulting in a perfect balance between freshness and minerality, and leading to a prolonged finish and stimulating acidity. Perfect to accompany light dishes, such as fresh salads, seafood and fine fish, it should be served between 9 and 11 ºC, guaranteeing an exceptional gastronomic experience. Firmamento Loureiro Branco is the right choice for those who value pure and refined wines.

Iron Maiden Darkest Red

Discover Iron Maiden Darkest Red, a Douro wine created especially for the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson named this wine in reference to the song "Darkest Hour" from the album "Senjutsu," released in 2021. This wine undergoes careful vinification in stainless steel vats, followed by partial aging in Port wine barrels, capturing the authentic essence of the region. Iron Maiden Darkest Red features an intense ruby color, with complex aromas of ripe red fruits and hints of oak. On the palate, it stands out with notes of blackberries and currants, supported by firm tannins and a long, persistent finish. Perfect for pairing with roast meats, game, and cheeses, this wine offers a rich and intense experience, ideal for Iron Maiden fans and high-quality wine enthusiasts.

Pormenor Red

Discover Pormenor Red, a Douro wine that exudes authenticity and complexity. Vinified with hand-picked grapes, this red wine undergoes fermentation in stainless steel and traditional lagares, followed by a 12-month aging period in used French oak barrels. This meticulous process preserves the purity and essence of the terroir. Pormenor Red features a deep ruby color and a complex aromatic bouquet with notes of ripe red fruits, spices, and a mineral touch. On the palate, it is elegant and fresh, with fine tannins and well-balanced acidity, providing a long and persistent finish. Ideal for pairing with red meat dishes, cured cheeses, and traditional Portuguese cuisine, Pormenor Red is the perfect choice for wine lovers who appreciate the elegance and authenticity of Douro wines.

Veuve Clicquot Rich Rosé On Ice

Experience the refreshing elegance of Veuve Clicquot Rich Rosé On Ice, a champagne perfect for relaxed moments under the sun. Crafted to be served on ice, this sparkling wine combines over 250 years of winemaking expertise with a modern and sophisticated approach. With a seductive blend of strawberry, raspberry, and redcurrant, complemented by exotic notes and mint, Veuve Clicquot Rich Rosé On Ice offers a unique sensory experience. This champagne pairs perfectly with smoked fish, spicy fruit salads, sweet potato, or chicken yakitori. Best served well-chilled at 4°C, Veuve Clicquot Rich Rosé On Ice turns any occasion into a memorable event, bringing a touch of French Riviera glamour.

Filipa Pato Roleta Russa Rosé

Discover Filipa Pato Roleta Russa Rosé, a unique maceration sparkling wine made 100% from the Baga grape. Originating from the DOC Bairrada region, this wine comes from 80-year-old vines planted on limestone slopes, creating an exceptional microclimate between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caramulo Mountain. The winemaking process for this rosé involves a short maceration of the must with the grape skins for 10-12 hours, enhancing fruity aromas. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts and aging in traditional barrels, followed by malolactic fermentation, results in a rich sparkling wine with fine bubbles and creamy mousse. With an intense deep rosé color and a bouquet of dried red berries and raspberries, Filipa Pato Roleta Russa Rosé offers intense flavors of red berries, rose petals, and spicy notes. Perfect for pairing with grilled lobster, prawns, or game meats, this wine is ideal for those who appreciate distinctive and gastronomic wines.

Maçanita Os Canivéis White

Discover Maçanita Os Canivéis Branco, an exceptional white wine from Douro, crafted from 9 traditional white grape varieties. Originating from old vineyards situated at 520 meters altitude in Carlão, this wine reflects the uniqueness of the transition soils from schist to granite. With meticulous winemaking, including hand harvesting, whole cluster pressing, and spontaneous fermentation, Maçanita Os Canivéis Branco ages for 12 months in neutral barrels and horizontal stainless steel tanks. The result is a citrine yellow wine with a gentle citrus aroma. On the palate, it offers a dense attack, balanced acidity, and a rich mid-palate, finishing with freshness and persistence. Perfect for pairing with fish, seafood, or meat dishes, this wine is an ideal choice for those who appreciate the elegance and complexity of Douro wines.

Maçanita Touriga Nacional Cima Corgo Red

Discover Maçanita Touriga Nacional Cima Corgo Red, a wine that unveils the essence of the Douro terroir. Originating from the Cima Corgo sub-region, this red stands out with a fresher and less continental climate, offering a Touriga Nacional with a floral and pure profile. Vinified with hand-harvested grapes undergoing cold pre-maceration, the spontaneous fermentation includes a 26-day cuvaison. The 18-month aging in neutral French oak barrels imparts unparalleled complexity and elegance to this wine. With an intense ruby-violet color, Maçanita Touriga Nacional Cima Corgo Red boasts remarkable freshness and a strong fruit expression. Perfect for pairing with white and red meat dishes, both in traditional and modern cuisine, this wine is an ideal choice for connoisseurs of superior quality wines.

Kompassus Coleção Privada Tinto Cão Red

Discover the exclusive Kompassus Coleção Privada Tinto Cão Red, with only 999 bottles produced from a 10-year-old vineyard. This ruby-colored wine boasts a complex and vinous aroma, with mineral nuances and notes of toasted cocoa and red fruit compote, resulting in a mature and tense profile. On the palate, Kompassus Coleção Privada Tinto Cão Red is tense and vibrant, with lively acidity and firm tannins. Its muscular and virile structure culminates in a mineral and flavorful finish, highlighting its elegance and complexity. Perfect for pairing with sophisticated dishes, this wine is an ideal choice for connoisseurs of unique and high-quality wines, reflecting the excellence of the Tinto Cão grape and the dedication of the Kompassus winery.

Bacalhôa Baga Red

Discover Bacalhôa Baga Red, a wine that emerges from an ideal terroir for the Baga grape, with clay-limestone soils and westward exposure. This red wine reveals a slow maturation, providing ripe and healthy fruit, reflected in the traditional winemaking process with cold pre-fermentation maceration. Aged for 14 months in new French and Russian oak barrels, Bacalhôa Baga Red exhibits an intense ruby color and aromas of ripe red fruits and dark chocolate. On the palate, it is powerful yet elegant, balanced and full-bodied, with a persistent finish that delights connoisseurs. Perfect for pairing with red meats, game, and cheeses, Bacalhôa Baga Red stands out for its complexity and elegance, reflecting the identity of the Bairrada region and the unique personality of the Baga grape.

Tapada de Coelheiros Cellar Release 2013 Red

Discover the elegance of Tapada de Coelheiros Cellar Release 2013 Red, a dry-farmed wine from Alentejo, sourced from vineyards with granite soils at 300 meters altitude. After 11 years since harvest, this wine shows remarkable evolution, distinguished by its silky texture and persistent finish, balancing freshness and complexity. Vinified with hand-harvested grapes, immediately destemmed, alcoholic fermentation occurred in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. Following a 5-day post-fermentation maceration, natural malolactic fermentation took place, with 18 months of aging in 225L barrels. With a ruby color and garnet reflections, Tapada de Coelheiros Cellar Release 2013 Red offers aromas of tobacco, leather, and moss, harmonized with ripe black fruit. The bottle aging has softened the tannins, resulting in a wine of great sophistication, perfect for connoisseurs of complex and elegant wines.

Casa da Passarella O Fugitivo Tinto Cão Red

Discover Casa da Passarella O Fugitivo Tinto Cão Tinto, a wine that revives the ancestral winemaking traditions of Dão. This single-varietal Tinto-Cão, from the Serra da Estrela sub-region, stands out for its delicate aroma and unique structure, reflecting the rich history of this grape. Originating from vineyards on poor granite soils, this wine undergoes spontaneous fermentation in granite lagares with partial stem inclusion. The extended aging in 500-liter barrels, both new and second-use, for 24 months, followed by bottle aging, imparts unparalleled complexity. With a light color and aromas of red fruits with vegetal notes, Casa da Passarella O Fugitivo Tinto Cão Tinto offers a delicate palate with well-presented tannins and great persistence. Ready to be enjoyed now, it also has remarkable aging potential in the bottle, making it perfect for true connoisseurs of unique wines.

Casa da Passarella O Fugitivo Tinta Amarela Red

Experience the ancestral essence of Dão with Casa da Passarella O Fugitivo Tinta Amarela Red. This 2018 single-varietal wine stands out for the delicate aroma and distinctive structure of Tinta Amarela, a historic grape that has enriched the wines of old vineyards in the region. Sourced from Serra da Estrela, where the mountain climate and poor granite soil impart unique characteristics, this red wine undergoes spontaneous fermentation in granite lagars with partial stem inclusion. Aging in 500-liter barrels, both new and second-use, for 24 months, followed by bottle aging, enhances its sophisticated profile. With a light color and complex aroma featuring vegetal notes and spices, including black pepper, Casa da Passarella O Fugitivo Tinta Amarela Red offers perfect balance on the palate and a long finish. Ready to be enjoyed now, it also has great aging potential in the bottle.