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Belletrist Portugal Since 1143 Special Reserve Tawny

Toast to history with Belletrist Portugal Since 1143 Special Reserve Tawny, a tribute to Portugal's founding year. This tawny Port wine comes in a special bottle, accompanied by a case that pays tribute to the kings who shaped the nation. Standing out for its tawny red color, this wine envelops the senses with rich aromas of dried figs, spices and a delicate touch of vanilla, revealing a bouquet that develops and enchants. On the palate, it offers balanced sweetness, soft tannins and an elegance that continues into a long and satisfying finish. Ideal to enjoy as an aperitif or complement your selection of desserts, cheeses, nuts and chocolate, Belletrist Portugal Since 1143 Special Reserve Tawny is a perfect choice to celebrate Portuguese heritage and cultural richness.

Belletrist The Popes of Fatima Special Reserve Tawny

Discover Belletrist The Popes of Fatima Special Reserve Tawny, a unique celebration of the papal visits to Fátima, immortalized with a case and label dedicated to Pope John Paul II, in honor of his historic visit to Portugal in 1982. This special Tawny displays a golden red color, seducing the senses with aromas of dried figs, spices and a soft touch of vanilla. Its flavor, sweet and delicate, unfolds into soft and elegant tannins, culminating in a long and memorable finish. Perfect to be enjoyed as an aperitif or to complement desserts, Belletrist Os Papas de Fátima Special Reserve Tawny is a sublime accompaniment to cheeses, nuts and chocolate. A divine choice that promises to elevate any tasting moment.

Belletrist Fernando Pessoa Tawny

Discover the Belletrist Fernando Pessoa Tawny, an oenological tribute to the iconic Portuguese poet, now presented in an exclusive commemorative tube. Each package, adorned with an A3 silkscreen numbered and illustrated by Herculano da Costa, celebrates the union of art and flavor. This tawny Port wine is distinguished by its reddish-brown color and a captivating aroma of red fruit jam, balanced with notes of wood and vanilla. A perfect harmony that persists, promising a memorable tasting. Ideal to be enjoyed as an aperitif or to accompany the most varied desserts, Belletrist Fernando Pessoa Tawny pairs divinely with cheeses, nuts and chocolate. A gustatory experience that evokes the depth and complexity of Pessoa's work, inviting moments of pure delight.

Dow’s Nirvana Reserve Tawny

Dark chocolate color, aromas of wild roses and violets. The soft and ripe tannins, the intense texture and the dry finish.

Graham’s Six Grapes Special Vinha Velha Reserve Tawny

A limited edition made only with the best quality grapes from Quinta da Vila Velha. With just 12,000 bottles, this special edition Six Grapes is a one-off limited edition, named after James Symington.

5G Five Generations Ruby

The 5G Five Generations, a centenary port wine that crossed 5 generations of the family. Port wine made from the indigenous DOURO varieties, Portuguese vinic spirit, aged in Portuguese brown casks. The bottle was handcrafted and blown on one of the most emblematic vines in Portugal.

Porttable Reserve Tawny

Aging in wooden casks for approximately 3 years. Classic Port wine method with peculiar maceration and short alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks followed by fortification. Brownish color. Rich and elegant nose, combining aromas of ripe fruits with delicate dried fruits. Contains sulfites.

Quinta das Tecedeiras Reserve Tawny

This remarkable Tawny Reserva reveals a profile of authenticity, concentration and color that accompanies the delicious notes of almonds and dried figs. Wines from old vines with mixed varieties, among others Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, Touriga Franca, Moreto and Sousão. Nose with notes of caramel, nuts, nuts and almonds, with a great aromatic complexity. In the mouth, soft but with some freshness that gives it a very own elegance. Contains sulfites.

Dona Antónia Reserva Tawny

Ferreira Dona Antónia Reserva Tawny has a beautiful red color, with intense yellowish tones that resemble its slow maturation in wood. Its aroma is intense and rich, with notes of very ripe fruit (plum, apricot and marmalade) and floral notes. Complex, its spices and walnut notes derive from the evolution in oak wood through oxidation. In the mouth, it is a full-bodied and rich flavored wine, extremely well balanced, combining elegance with a delicate yet persistent finish. Contains sulfites.

Dona Antónia Reserva White

Ferreira Dona Antónia Reserve White with a golden yellow color. It has an intense aroma, with notes of bitter marmalade, a floral quality, exotic woods and dried fruits and nuts, with a light, pepper and curry. Aging in wood adds nobility, complexity and the necessary wealth. Contains sulfites.

Graham’s “The Tawny” Tawny

Graham's 'The Tawny' is a Port Reservation made from a special lot, from several wines aged in hooves in the cellars of the company between 7 to 9 years. The balance between the ripe fruit and the nuts resulting from aging in the hull is noticeable, where the wine acquires a soft amber tone. Golden amber color, soft aromas of toasted almonds with notes of orange peel and spices. Well structured and complex, the mouth is inviting and captivating, with a long and persistent finish of mouth. It combines very well with all kinds of pies and sweets, such as walnuts, cream milk or even cream cakes. Try slightly fresh to enjoy all the complexity and voluptuousness of this wine. After opening, it will be kept for a few weeks. Contains sulfites.

Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Tawny

Dark red color with a rich alluring scent of ripe plums and cherries. In the mouth, complex, with a good structure and a long and long finish. Contains sulfites.