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Quinta de La Rosa 30 Year Old Tawny

Quinta de la Rosa 30 Year Old Tawny, released to mark the 30th anniversary of the La Rosa brand, stands as the pinnacle of aged Tawnies. Matured in old 550-liter oak barrels for an average of 30 years, this Porto wine embodies the perfect harmony of tradition and quality. Its intense amber color results from extensive aging, while delicate aromas of dried fruits intertwine with balsamic notes, coffee, and bitter orange. The palate is delicious and intense, exuberant in length and complexity, ensuring a memorable taste experience. Recommended for immediate consumption, Quinta de la Rosa 30 Years Tawny pairs perfectly with foie gras, apple tart, or vanilla ice cream, enhancing the richness and depth of flavors of this remarkable Tawny.

Poças 50 Year Old Tawny

Discover Poças 50 Year Old Tawny, a Port wine of exceptional quality, the result of a meticulous winemaking and aging process. This rare nectar is the result of the harmonious combination of selected Tawny wines, aged in oak barrels with a capacity of approximately 550 liters, which give it an unparalleled complexity and depth. Presenting an amber color enriched with greenish nuances, Poças 50 Anos Tawny reveals an intense and complex aroma, highlighting notes of dried fruits and nuances of smoke. On the palate, it surprises with its density and roundness, balanced by a vibrant acidity that leads to a prolonged and captivating finish. Perfect as a digestive, Poças 50 Year Old Tawny pairs wonderfully with a variety of cheeses, sweets, chocolates and nuts. Served at 18°C ​​or slightly chilled, this wine is ready to be enjoyed, keeping all its exceptional qualities unchanged. A true gem for lovers of generous wines.

Quinta das Carvalhas Harvest 2002

Discover the majestic Quinta das Carvalhas Harvest 2002, a sublime expression of the Douro winemaking tradition that has captivated the senses since 1759. Located on the picturesque slopes of Pinhão, with stunning views of the Douro River and Rio Torto, Quinta das Carvalhas is a true jewel of the region. Its beauty and spectacularity are incomparable, reflected in each bottle of this exceptional wine. The 2002 Harvest is a tribute to the Quinta's rich history, offering a unique sensory experience. With captivating aromas and complex flavors, this wine transports you on a journey through time, while celebrating the tradition and excellence that define Quinta das Carvalhas. Celebrate special moments with Quinta das Carvalhas Colheita 2002 and let yourself be carried away by an unforgettable experience that honors the legacy of this historic property

Quinta das Carvalhas Harvest 1976

Discover the fascinating story behind each bottle of Quinta das Carvalhas Harvest 1976, a true jewel of the Douro Valley that encapsulates centuries of tradition and dedication. Since its first mention in records in 1715, Quinta do Noval has been a beacon of excellence in wine production. Under the inspiring vision of António José da Silva, this property was restored after the devastation of phylloxera in 1894, with vineyards carefully replanted to ensure continued quality. This exceptional wine is a living testament to this dedication, made exclusively from grapes from Quinta do Noval, located in Pinhão, in the heart of the Douro Valley. With its yellowish-brown hue and a deliciously complex citrus nose, each sip reveals a voluptuous richness that combines the complex evolution of old tawny Ports with a distinct freshness and vigor. Let yourself be enveloped by the elegance and incomparable flavor of Quinta das Carvalhas Colheita 1976. Celebrate special moments with this true oenological masterpiece and discover why this wine is so revered among connoisseurs.

Quinta das Carvalhas 50 Years Old

Explore the majesty of Quinta das Carvalhas Porto Tawny 50 Years, an oenological masterpiece that reflects decades of tradition and excellence. This exclusive wine is made with a meticulous selection of Port Wines aged in the best oak casks at Quinta das Carvalhas. With a stunning amber color and reddish nuances, this very old Tawny is a celebration of time and flavor. On the nose, it reveals refined notes of noble oak barrel, varnish, cedar leaf and nutmeg, complemented by a subtle citrus freshness. On tasting, its firm structure is expertly balanced by a rich variety of dried fruit and licorice flavors, culminating in an exceptionally long and persistent finish. Each sip is a unique sensory experience, a journey through time that celebrates the heritage and mastery of Port Wines. Immerse yourself in the history and quality of Quinta das Carvalhas Porto Tawny 50 Years and discover oenological luxury in its most refined form.

Quinta das Carvalhas 40 Years Old

When exquisite Port wines are aged in seasoned oak barrels for several years, they gradually lose their original deep purple color, acquiring the delicate amber hue known as tawny. In this process, the fruity simplicity of young Port gives way to a wide range of subtle and smooth flavors, such as licorice, nuts, honey, figs, vanilla, spices and refined oak. Ports with an indication of age are the result of blends over several years, developing a refined flavor through aging in selected oak barrels, which confer the maturity and character characteristic of old tawnies. The careful selection made by the cellar master guarantees the ideal integration of each blend. Older ports provide complexity and maturity, while younger ports provide vigor and freshness. The result is an aged Tawny, with the average age indicated on the label.

Quinta das Carvalhas 30 Years Old

When fine Porto wines are aged in oak barrels over many years, they gradually lose their original deep purple color and acquire the delicate amber hue known as tawny. At the same time, the simple fruitfulness of young Porto gradually recedes, giving way to a wide range of subtle and smooth flavors such as licorice, nuts, honey, figs, vanilla, spices and refined oak. Portos with an indication of age are blends from several years that have developed a refined flavor, the result of aging in selected oak barrels, which give the maturity and character typical of old tawnies. The cellar master's wisdom and expertise guarantee the best selection of Portos in each blend. Older Portos bring complexity and maturity, while younger ports offer vigor and freshness. The result is an aged Tawny, with the average ages indicated on the label.

Sandeman Porto Pack 10 + 20 Years Old

Porto Sandeman Pack:
  • 1 bottle of Sandeman Tawny 10 years old
  • 1 bottle of Sandeman Tawny 20 years old

Quinta das Carvalhas 10 Years Old + LBV 2017

Set of 1 bottle of Quinta das Carvalhas 10 Years Old 75cl + 1 bottle of Quinta das Carvalhas LBV 2017 75cl.

Martha’s 10 Years Old Magnum

Martha's 10 year Old Tawny port is an upper old port, aged in wooden hulls. It presents a dark tawny color, with toasted aromas of nuts of great complexity. The finish is full-bodied and persistent .

Quinta do Vallado 50 Years Tawny

Blend of several wines, with an average age of 50 years, in 600 liter oak casks. Very intense and complex aroma with notes of resin and crystallized orange. Very concentrated wine with excellent structure, very citrusy and with some notes of honey and iodine. Aftertaste with vibrant acidity and very long.

Kopke 20 Years Old White 37,5cl

Bright amber yellow color with a golden rim. On the nose it has enveloping and complex aromas of dried fruit, with notes of fig, walnut and toasted almond, delicate notes of candied orange peel and a touch of spices. In the mouth it is elegant and balanced, revealing character and firm but smooth tannins. A particularly rich and prolonged finish.