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Amarguinha Amêndoa Amarga

Amarguinha liqueur is one of the most traditional liqueurs in Portugal. Obtained from an old recipe of bitter almond liqueur, and is produced by means of original and traditional processes.


Aperol was launched by Companhia Barbieri, based in Padua, in 1919 on the occasion of the Padua Exhibition - the introduction of the revolutionary idea of an aperitif with alcohol content of only 11%. The unique flavor and color of Aperol were obtained from a subtle blend that maintains the perfect balance between the ingredients - in the main herbs and roots. The quality of the ingredients allows a very low alcohol content: 11% Vol. The secret recipe of this drink has remained unchanged since 1919.

Baileys Almande

This liqueur mixes the delicious flavors of almond and vanilla to create an indulgent and versatile alcoholic drink. Dairy free, lactose free, gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Baileys Chocolat Luxe

Ingredients: Creams, Sugar, Alcohol, Belgian Chocolate, Glucose Syrup, Milk Proteins, Flavorings, Irish Whiskey and Dyes. Put in the fridge and serve fresh. Avoid mixing with lemon and citrus drinks. For better storage, keep the bottle between 0º and 25º.

Baileys Original

We use only the finest ingredients in our original Irish liqueur cream. We have our Irish Whiskey fountain, from a number of quality distilleries, including the famous Old Bushmills Distillery. Whiskey complements the richness of Irish cream, cocoa and vanilla.

Baileys Strawberries & Cream

Made from a blend of Bailey's original Irish cream liqueur, creamy vanilla and fresh strawberries, this tempting drink is perfect just off the bottle. Bailey's Strawberry and Cream Liquor is bright and refreshing, but it's also pretty decadent. Thick and rich and creamy, but filled with the vibrant flavor of fresh strawberries, it is the fabulously fruity blend.

Bear Hug Cranberry

Beautiful and plump fresh cranberries, infused with premium vodka distilled and five times velvety. Naturally flavored by a sour but sweet taste with a vivid cranberry hue. The Cosmos, as it should have always been.

Bear Hug Espresso

Rich, roasted Columbian Supremo beans infused with Premium five-times distilled American grain Vodka fill your mouth with dense espresso, chocolate, caramel, and vanilla flavors. A sexy, subtly sweet cocktail to get cozy with!

Bear Hug Infusion Chocolate

Delve into the indulgent sweetness of natural Chocolate infused with Premium five-times distilled American grain Vodka. Rich Chocolate and Vanilla flavors create the perfect cocktail for those of us with Chocolate dreams!

Belsazar Vermouth Dry

The aroma of summer fruits, chamomile and a hint of fresh yeast take centre stage, followed by bitter notes of gentian, Seville orange, cinchona, coriander and absinthe.

Belvedere Pink Grapefruit

Belvedere Vodka Pink Grapefruit has a crystal clear color, aroma of grated orange peel with floral traces of warm flavors and ginger. In the mouth it is slightly acidic, clean taste, grapefruit zest and orange peel.

Bitter King by Vila das Rainhas

The result of an artisanal and natural process, this drink is made from 100% natural products and no additional sugars. Intense and bright crimson color. Expressive aroma and irreverent flavor marked by notes of ripe sour cherry