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La Liqueur de Monin Elderflower

Discover La Liqueur de Monin Elderflower, a favorite in Germany due to the popularity of the Hugo cocktail. This liqueur captures the fragrant aroma and tart, juicy flavor of creamy-white elderflower blossoms. These flowers come from the elder tree, which is quite common in the English countryside, and are traditionally turned into syrup or liqueur. Adding La Liqueur de Monin Elderflower to champagne, mixing it in white spirit-based cocktails, or combining it with fruit juices are perfect ways to enjoy this liqueur. It provides a refreshing and aromatic drink experience, capturing the essence of summer superbly. The English adage suggests that summer only begins when the elder is fully in flower and ends when its berries ripen. La Liqueur de Monin Elderflower is ideal for creating drinks that reflect this distinct season, offering a touch of elegance and a unique flavor that enhances any cocktail.

La Liqueur de Monin Coffee

Discover La Liqueur de Monin Coffee, a liqueur that encapsulates the intense taste of Colombian coffee, perfect to be enjoyed in a cocktail. With this liqueur, you can enjoy the strength and richness of coffee in a cold beverage, turning any moment into a refined pleasure. Ideal for cocktails and dessert drinks, La Liqueur de Monin Coffee is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the true flavor of coffee. This liqueur is perfect for use in Black Russians or creamy white Martinis, providing a rich and indulgent experience. Be sure to try combining La Liqueur de Monin Coffee with ice cream in a delicious blended dessert drink. This combination not only enhances the flavor but also adds a luxurious and irresistible texture to your drink creations.

La Liqueur de Monin Peach

Discover La Liqueur de Monin Peach, which captures the essence of sweet, juicy summer peaches, allowing you to infuse your recipes with the sweet, unmistakable flavor and rich golden color of peaches all year round. This liqueur is perfect for enhancing your beverages, offering a fruity, delicious flavor that lingers. Ideal applications include a wide range of cocktails. With its delicate floral taste, La Liqueur de Monin Peach adds a new dimension to signature drinks with wine and sparkling wine. It also pairs very well in straight martinis, adding a sophisticated and appealing touch to these classic cocktail drinks. This liqueur not only enhances cocktails but is also a magnificent addition for creating memorable drinks that captivate everyone who tries them, thanks to its distinctive and charming flavor profile.

La Liqueur de Monin Orange Curaçao

Discover La Liqueur de Monin Orange Curaçao, a vibrant addition that brings the fresh and slightly bitter taste of orange to your favorite drinks. This liqueur is perfect for those looking to enrich cocktails and dessert drinks with a distinctive citrus note. Ideal for a variety of applications, including cocktails and dessert drinks, La Liqueur de Monin Orange Curaçao is versatile and exciting. It can be used to add a special touch to classics like margaritas or martinis, or as a key component in innovative dessert beverages. One of the most creative combinations with this liqueur is mixing it with an ice cream base and Monin Dark Chocolate sauce, creating a blended dessert drink that is both refreshing and indulgent. This fusion not only enhances the flavor of the drinks but also turns any dessert into a memorable experience.

La Liqueur de Monin Blackberry

Discover La Liqueur de Monin Blackberry, an essential bar liqueur widely used in champagne and white wine, but also capable of flavoring some of your favorite cocktails. This liqueur is perfect for adding a touch of intense and pure flavor to a variety of drinks. Applications include cocktails, hot chocolates, wines, and sparkling wine drinks. The pure and intense aroma of La Liqueur de Monin Blackberry will definitely enhance your cocktails. In France, it is particularly cherished with wine, both red and white, providing a sophisticated and delicious blend. Try muddling the liqueur with any type of berry and a white spirit to truly enjoy the natural and rich taste of blackberry. This technique not only releases the vibrant flavor of the fruits but also creates an exceptionally rich and immersive drink experience.

La Liqueur de Monin Blue Curaçao

Discover La Liqueur de Monin Blue Curaçao, a liqueur that promises to enrich any drink with a burst of vibrant color and a subtle exotic aroma. This liqueur is perfect for elevating the look and taste of your cocktails, making them truly unforgettable. Ideal for a wide range of cocktails, La Liqueur de Monin Blue Curaçao is a must-have in any bar. The vibrant color of the liqueur adds an enchanting mystery to drinks, shifting from deep blue to light green depending on the other ingredients used in the mix. This play of colors makes each cocktail a unique visual experience. The combination of La Liqueur de Monin Blue Curaçao with coconut flavors is particularly notable, where the color shifts to green and the taste becomes rounded and pleasant. This mix not only enhances the visual but also the palate, offering a rich and exotic experience with every sip.

La Liqueur de Monin Cassis de Dijon

Discover La Liqueur de Monin Cassis de Dijon, an exquisite liqueur that enhances countless beverages with the natural berry taste. Originating from the maceration of blackcurrant berries from Dijon, this liqueur brings an amazing, fruity, and intense flavor to your drinks. Perfect for a variety of applications, including cocktails, wines or sparkling wine drinks, after-dinner drinks, and hot chocolates. La Liqueur de Monin Cassis de Dijon transforms any drink by adding a layer of rich, velvety flavor, whether served over crushed ice, mixed in cocktails, or as a special twist in wines and sparkling wines. Try adding La Liqueur de Monin Cassis de Dijon to your Mojito, Cosmopolitan, or Black Russian for a unique twist, or enhance your Bramble drink to make it more velvety and intense. This liqueur is an exceptional choice for elevating your mixology experiences with a touch of sophistication.

Santo António with Fruit

This liquor is produced in a handmade way, with fresh sour cherries from our ginjais in the Óbidos region. Its prolonged macerations, and with complete exemption of dyes and preservatives, give the Real Ginja d'Óbidos a fresh, deep and velvety aroma with soft notes of spices. This noble liquor is reproduced from the seventeenth-century recipe of the famous "Liqueur de Grottes", elaborated in Óbidos in 1677 by Mrs. Maria Francisca de Saboya, Queen of Portugal, currently marketed with the permission of the Royal Portuguese House.

Galliano L’Aperitivo

Galliano L’Aperitivo is a bitter, or 'Amaro' in Italian. Its unique recipe includes extracts and infusions of Mediterranean citrus fruits such as oranges, bergamots, bitter oranges, chinotto, tangerines and grapefruit. This fresh mix stands out for its vivacity. The recipe includes a subtle addition of the heart of Galliano L’Autentico, with Mediterranean anise, juniper, cardamom, sandalwood, sage, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon and vanilla, giving Galliano L’Aperitivo a rich, subtle and herbal aroma. The ingredients are macerated and rested for at least two weeks to achieve the definitive flavor composition of fruits, plants and herbs. Starting with fresh notes of Mediterranean citrus, combined with subtle herbal notes, Galliano L’Aperitivo has a long, smooth and bittersweet finish.

Galliano Espresso

Galliano Espresso offers a unique coffee experience, going beyond the morning. This exclusive espresso liqueur has a concentrated flavor, resulting from the combination of 55% Arabica coffee from Colombia and Brazil, and 45% Robusta coffee from India and Kenya. Ideal for intense coffee cocktails, balancing creamy and delicate notes with body tones and the characteristic bitterness of coffee. The irresistible aroma of coffee lingers from the beginning to the end of the day.

Vecchio Amaro Del Capo + 2 Glasses

Emblematic of the stunning Calabria region, this unique blend of twenty-nine herbs, flowers, fruits and roots is meticulously crafted to trigger an immersive and pleasurable experience. Delight in the bittersweetness of oranges, the softness that orange blossom and chamomile provide, and the vivacity that comes from licorice, peppermint and anise. Each component intertwines harmoniously in this peculiar recipe, kept secret, offering a unique and intriguing sensory journey that awakens the senses to a world of exceptional flavors.

G’VINE June with glass

Distilled, infused and made in France, JUNE gin liqueur comes from G'Vine gin, the unconventional French gin made from grapes. Bright and vibrant. The elegance of wild peach combined with summer fruit aromas reveals the delicacy of G'Vine gin.