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Graham’s Extra Dry White

Fresh and dry, with a delicious fruity touch, Graham's Extra Dry is a celebrated appetizer. This wine is fortified later than most Port wines, so that much of its residual sugar is fermented. Contains sulfites.

Blackett Extra Dry White

Straw yellow white wine with a floral aroma, notes of wood, vanilla and nuts. Balanced, dry, very complex with a long and persistent finish. Contains sulfites.

Portal Extra Dry White

Cold skin maceration in stainless steel vats, followed by fermentation at a temperature between 18-20°C. Light aging stage in wood, then remaining in stainless steel vat to guarantee its fruitiness. Citrus color, a bouquet between citrus and menthol and nuts. It is possible to detect floral aromas in recent bottlings. Some residual sugar is responsible for the excellent balance and sensuality of this Port. Contains sulfites.

Royal Oporto Extra Dry White White

A White Port that differs in its dry style, making it a fresh and versatile drink. Yellow straw color and fruity aromas of raisins, suggest its fresh service, in order to highlight all its quality. Contains sulfites.

Quinta Seara D’Ordens Extra Dry White

This Port is characterized by the balance between freshness and alcohol. Total disengagement and fermentation in stainless steel tanks with temperature control. Stage of 5 months in stainless steel and 2 months in bottle. It is a wine that allows to increase the varietal character of the grapes that were vinified, enhancing the aromas and the acidity of the wine. In the proof presents pale white color, fruity aroma and in the mouth very soft and fresh.