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Trigo Limpio

Discover Trigo Limpio, a premium vodka made from carefully selected grains, primarily wheat. Produced in Catalonia, a region renowned for its distillation tradition, this vodka stands out for the quality of its ingredients, providing a smooth and clean base for creating cocktails and mixed drinks. The use of high-quality grains gives Trigo Limpio a neutral, transparent, and balanced flavor. This characteristic makes it perfect for classic and innovative combinations while maintaining the most authentic vodka essence. Ideal for vodka enthusiasts seeking a refined spirit, Trigo Limpio is a versatile and elegant choice for a variety of drinks. Elevate your creations with this distinguished vodka that reflects the tradition and excellence of Catalan distillation.

Three Sixty Original

Discover the Three Sixty Original Vodka, an expression of pure sophistication and smoothness. This vodka undergoes an exclusive diamond filtration process where the smallest suspended particles are removed from the distillate, filtering out particles down to a thousandth of a millimeter. This unique refining process forms the basis for its incredibly mild taste. Three Sixty Original Vodka is perfected through a complex fourfold distillation and unique diamond filtration, resulting in an exceptionally smooth and mild flavor profile at 37.5% vol. The high-class appearance emphasizes its uniqueness: the brilliance glass bottle with striking facet cut and the characteristic velvet label with noble silver embossing complete your premium vodka! This vodka does not compromise on purity, delivering a luxurious and refined tasting experience. Ideal for sophisticated cocktails or to be enjoyed neat, it is best served chilled to highlight its superior quality.

Belvedere 10

Discover Belvedere 10, a new vodka icon that pays homage to Belvedere’s origins. Inspired by the original vodka-making process from 1910, when the distillery first opened, Belvedere 10 has been remastered for a new generation that demands the very best. This rare spirit is meticulously crafted from single-source rye, harvested from one farm and one field. Belvedere 10 is rested for ten months to perfect a harmony of flavors and achieve an unparalleled velvety texture. The result is unrivaled smoothness, with complex aromas of coconut, cacao, and vanilla, complemented by a hint of fresh lemon. On the palate, an opulent creamy texture leads to a light, honeyed sweetness interspersed with bursts of caramel and green coffee. The finish is refined and elegant, featuring lasting hints of nutty praline and rich dark cacao. Flawlessly smooth to the last sip.

Au Pink Lemonade

Gold, a symbol of power and excellence, reflects the incomparable flavor of Au Pink Lemonade. This unique combination of award-winning Au Original vodka, distilled five times, with juicy lemons creates a refreshing and irresistible flavor, encapsulated in a vibrant pink liquid. Au Pink Lemonade is the perfect choice for those looking for a drink that balances citrus acidity with sweetness, in a pink tone that captures the essence of summer. Choosing Au Pink Lemonade guarantees an invigorating and aesthetically pleasing flavor experience, ideal for elevating any special occasion with a touch of sophistication and freshness.

Au Green Watermelon

Gold, an emblem of power and perfection, reflects the exceptional flavor of Au Green Watermelon. The fusion of award-winning Au Original vodka, distilled five times, with juicy watermelon results in a refreshing and appetizing flavor. Au Green Watermelon is distinguished by the perfect balance between the purity of the vodka and the natural sweetness of the watermelon, offering an invigorating taste experience. Choosing Au Green Watermelon means choosing a flavor that combines innovation and tradition, promising to refresh and delight on any occasion.

Au Bubblegum

Gold, an emblem of power and perfection, reflects the flavor of Au Vodka Bubblegum. This masterful combination of award-winning Au Original vodka, distilled five times, with the unmistakable flavor of bubble gum results in a liquid that changes color, exploding with flavor. Au Bubblegum promises a unique experience, captivating from the first glance with its chromatic transformation and surprising the palate with the sweet and nostalgic intensity of chewing gum. Choosing Au Bubblegum is diving into an adventure of flavor, where innovation and tradition meet to create a memorable tasting moment full of personality.  

Au Blue Raspberry

Gold, a symbol of power and perfection, reflects the exceptional flavor of Au Blue Raspberry. This special combination of the award-winning Au Original vodka with a unique fusion of fruits results in a sweet and distinctive blue vodka. Au Blue Raspberry, with its bold and innovative flavor profile, is perfect to be enjoyed neat or as a differentiating element in cocktails, elevating mixology to a new level of excellence. Choosing Au Blue Raspberry is opting for a premium tasting experience, where quality and originality meet to create unforgettable moments.

Au Black Grape

Au reinvents tradition by combining its award-winning recipe with high-quality black grapes, creating a sweet and unique vodka. Distilling the finest British black grapes with natural spring water from deep in the South Down hills results in the incomparable Au Black Grape. Perfect to be enjoyed pure, with ice, paired with lemonade or as the soul of a variety of cocktails, Au Black Grape stands out for its versatility and striking flavor. Choosing Au Black Grape is choosing an exclusive sensorial experience, which promises to elevate any moment with a touch of unique sweetness and sophistication.

Au Original

Au Original elevates ultra-premium vodka, combining British heritage with luxury ingredients. Distinguished by its golden bottle, it is aimed at those who prefer uniqueness to the usual. This vodka, with its unique flavor and smooth texture, enriches both the pure enjoyment in a glass of ice and the complexity of a martini, giving character to any cocktail. Choosing Au Vodka means opting for an exclusive experience of refinement, transforming every moment into a celebration of individuality and sophistication.

Pravda Orange

Original Polish vodka refined with natural extracts and orange aromas. Crystalline color, exotic and fresh aroma of vanilla and orange. Flavor of juicy oranges, clementines, vanilla, green tea. Long lasting, sweet finish.

Pravda Coconut

Original Polish vodka refined with natural extracts and coconut aromas. Crystalline color, coconut aroma. Coconut flavor, vanilla, white chocolate notes, cereals. Long lasting finish.

Pravda Citron

Original Polish vodka refined with natural extracts and lemon aromas. Crystalline color, light aroma, fresh, citrus fruits. Flavor of sun-ripened lemons, green limes, green tea. Long lasting finish with mango notes.