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Disznóko Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos

Since 1732, the Disznókő Vineyard has been listed as a first-class production site in Tokaj-Hegyalja. Style-creating Tokaji Aszúi are fresh, fruity, and perfectly balanced.

Três Bagos Colheita Tardia White

The Três Bagos Colheita Tardia is a monovarietal of the Sémillon variety that presents an excellent bright color, golden straw, alive. Very exuberant aroma, with citrus notes, with nuances of fig, honey and some apricot. In the mouth it is very pleasant, it is fresh and full, not too sweet, which gives it unctuousness and a very complex finish. Contains sulfites.

Ribeiro Santo Sono de Vindima Late Harvest White

The grapes were destemmed by hand and very lightly pressed, selecting only the tear wort that was subsequently cooled and decanted at low temperatures for 24 hours. Fermentation took place slowly in French oak barrels purchased from a Port wine house. Amber color, with notes of apricot, honey, raisins, nuts and delicate floral aromas. In the mouth it shows its origin, voluminous and acidity balanced with sweetness, it marks us with a long and persistent finish. Contains Sulfites.

Rola Late Harvest White

The grapes were harvested already heavily attacked by the fungus that causes the so-called noble rot, and were gently pressed. Rola Late Harvest is a lively and refreshing white wine with a light and smooth finish. Contains sulfites.

Quinta de Santiago Rascunho Vindima Tardia White

Aged in 225L old tin barrel aged 4 years. Grapes harvested late, direct pressing in a vertical manual press. Spontaneous fermentation by indigenous yeasts after decanting. Its natural acidity makes it fresh and long. Contains Sulfites.

Quinta dos Termos Passito Colheita Tardia White

Rigorous maturation control in order to determine the right height of the vintage. Crushing and total stiffness. Clarification in 18 hours. Fermentation the temperature controlled at 20/200ºC. Amber color, aroma surprises by the singular aromas that reveals, where white flower notes, dried fruits and some spices are glimps. In the mouth it is intriguing, because the little sweetness, masked by the acidity of the verdel, lets evidence the exotic aromatic facet. It becomes, therefore, challenging in gastronomic terms, and can accompany a creative meal from the beginning to end. After the empty glass is worth appreciating the aromatic track that leaves, allowing to confirm all its originality. Contains sulfites.

Pacheca Late Harvest White

Sweet white wine that results from Sémillon grape variety vinification harvested in over-ripening and rot conditions. Contains Sulfites.

Opção Colheita Tardia White

Made from Botrytis Fungus, Podridão Nobre, this Late Harvest presents an aroma of ripe jam and figs. In the mouth it is round and full, showing excellent acidity and liveliness. Contains sulfites.

Quinta do Portal Late Harvest White

Manual harvest and then transported in boxes. Alcoholic fermentation: Encapsulated yeasts are used in a stainless steel vat at a controlled temperature of 12-14 ° C. The must, after being obtained, fermented and aged in used French oak barrels. This is another Late Harvest made from different varieties in order to obtain something more complete! The muscat variety that aromatically personalizes this wine and the Viosinho that harmonizes with its acidity. These concentrated in the vine by dehydration. Still Malvasia that with some botritis provides complexity and volume. It has a citrus color due to the care with which grapes and must have always been treated, it has exotic and fruity aromas of nectarine and apricot, as well as orange blossom. Very elegant in the mouth and excellent acidity, with enough complexity to leave us shuffled. A very seductive finish. Contain sulfites.

Outono de Santar Colheita Tardia White

This Late Harvest reveals elegant aromas of dried leaves, moss, hazelnuts, in a very interesting profile. In the mouth appear citrus notes and fresh, orange peel, with a beautiful lemonade acidity at the end. It is a delicate and fragrant wine. Total destemming, soft pneumatic pressing with 20% use of grape juice, natural static clarification, alcoholic fermentation in "second use" barrels at 20 ° C. 6 months of battonage with 12 months in second use casks.

Monte da Ravasqueira Late Harvest White

It aged for 6 months in French oak barrels, at low temperatures, with a light battonage only at the end of the fermentation, in order to feel, at the beginning, all the expressiveness of the grape variety, followed by the texture and complexity of the wood. Contains Sulfites.

Vinha d’Ervideira Vindima Tardia White

Intense aroma wine with figs, nuts, marmalade and honey. In the mouth reveals a pleasant sweetness and an interesting volume and elegance, ending long and with a balanced and vibrant acidity. Between 7 and 9ºC can be served as appetizer and starter, accompanying canapes, or with desserts of some acidity, for example orange pie or after the meal, alone or accompanying nuts. Contains Sulfites.