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Monte da Raposinha Ensaio #V Blanc de Noir Brut Nature

Discover Monte da Raposinha Ensaio #V Blanc de Noir Brut Nature, a distinctive sparkling wine from the Montargil region, Portalegre, in Alentejo. With an organic production method and benefiting from a cool and humid microclimate, thanks to the proximity to the Montargil Dam, this wine reflects the best and most differentiating of the Monte da Raposinha terroir. Created exclusively from Touriga Nacional, this sparkling wine is a unique expression of the variety. Made through innovative vinification and irreverent approaches, this Blanc de Noir is obtained by gently pressing the entire bunch, following the classic method with free yeast. Maturation in the bottle for 12 months before disgorgement highlights its complexity and finesse. Monte da Raposinha Ensaio #V presents notes of citrus and white-fleshed fruit, complemented by a light note of bread dough. The fine bubble and excellent acidity give it a refreshing finish, making it ideal with fish and seafood, sushi, ceviches and fish tartars, vegetarian dishes and cold salads. An elegant choice for special moments or to enhance any meal with sophistication.

Chandon Garden Spritz

Discover the Chandon Garden Spritz, an innovation that celebrates the diversity of the world's terroirs since its origins in Argentina in 1959. This spritz is a perfect combination of the "Best Argentine Sparkling Wine of 2020" with a homemade bitter orange liqueur, created from natural extracts of orange peels, herbs and a secret selection of spices, without any artificial additives, promoting an authentic experience it's natural. The elaboration of this unique product begins with the careful selection of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Semillon grapes, which are complemented with spices from the best terroirs and orange peels from a partner farm. These ingredients are macerated in proprietary grape brandy, proceeding to the mixing and final bottling phase. Chandon Garden Spritz redefines the Spritz experience with a pre-made blend of exceptional sparkling wine and natural orange extracts, enriched with a touch of herbs and spices. With a vibrant aroma and a perfect balance between bitter and sweet, this Spritz is ready to be served and shared on any occasion.

AdegaMãe Blanc de Blancs

Discover AdegaMãe Blanc de Blancs, an exquisite choice that combines Arinto and Chardonnay grape varieties. This wine stands out for its aromatic richness, where freshness and minerality merge harmoniously with notes of tropical fruit and a buttery touch, thanks to fermentation in carefully selected barrels. In the mouth, AdegaMãe Blanc de Blancs reveals itself with an impressive volume and a balanced greasiness, maintaining a lively freshness that continues into a long-lasting finish, full of quality fruits. This wine promises an excellent evolution, anticipating itself as an unforgettable classic. Perfect to accompany soft cheeses, oven-baked cod, or fatty fish, AdegaMãe Blanc de Blancs is the ideal choice to elevate your gastronomic experience. Let yourself be seduced by the complexity and elegance of this wine, a true tribute to the Portuguese winemaking tradition.

Quinta da Pedreira Grande Reserva Brut Nature White

Quinta da Pedreira Grande Reserva Brut Nature White sparkling wine stands out for its fine, persistent and delicate bubble. This sparkling wine is the result of a rigorous selection of the Maria Gomes and Bical grape varieties, grown at Quinta da Pedreira, highlighting the commitment to quality from the vineyard. The vinification of this sparkling wine requires attentive and careful viticulture, especially in phytosanitary treatments, controlling maturation and harvesting the grapes at the exact moment to produce the base wine. The prolonged aging in the cellar, for more than 4 years, allows it to achieve perfect harmony without the need to add sugar, giving it the distinction of Natural Brut. Quinta da Pedreira Grande Reserva Brut Nature White is an exceptional choice for those who appreciate pure, high-quality sparkling wine, reflecting the excellence of Portuguese viticulture.

Luc Belaire Rare Rose Brut Magnum

Luc Belaire Rare Rosé Brut Magnum shines with a vibrant and intense pink color, immediately capturing attention and promising a unique sensorial experience. This sparkling wine is a festival of aromas rich in red fruits, which paves the way for a palate full of elegant notes of strawberry and blackcurrant. Each sip is a celebration of the perfect harmony between aroma and flavor, balancing beautifully with a light body and a refreshing, yet gently sweet finish. Ideal to be enjoyed as an aperitif, Luc Belaire Rare Rosé Brut Magnum is also extremely versatile, harmonizing with a variety of dishes and can even elevate your favorite cocktails. This option not only delights the most demanding palates, but also adds a touch of sophistication and color to any special occasion.

Luc Belaire Gold Brut Magnum

Discover the elegance and balance of Luc Belaire Gold Brut Magnum, a masterpiece that seduces with its refined aromas of stone fruit, ripe pear and delicate nuances of brioche. The vibrant tropical notes of mango intertwine harmoniously with the freshness of Chardonnay grapes and a subtle chalky presence, offering a unique and sophisticated taste experience. With a fine structure and a delicate touch, this wine ends with a light and dry finish, making its presence felt in each tasting. Luc Belaire Gold Brut Magnum is the ideal choice to start a celebration, served very cold as an aperitif. Plus, its versatility makes it the perfect pairing for a wide variety of dishes, from grilled seafood and vegetables to poultry, elevating every meal into a moment of pure pleasure.

Portal da Calçada Cuvée Prestige Brut White

Discover Portal da Calçada Cuvée Prestige Brut White, a sparkling wine that shines with its incomparable freshness and vibrant citrus nuances. This wine is distinguished by its charming lightness, offering a medium complexity that promises to delight the most demanding palates. When you taste it, you will be immediately captivated by its vivacity, with distinct lemony notes and a medium-sized bubble that provides a unique sensorial experience. The gentle pressure perfectly complements the citrus profile of this sparkling wine, making it cheerful and irresistibly lively. Perfect for any occasion at the table, Portal da Calçada Cuvée Prestige Brut White is the ideal choice to accompany light meals, enhancing flavors and creating memorable moments. Invite freshness and vivacity to your meetings by choosing this exceptional sparkling wine that promises to be the protagonist of unforgettable moments.

Quinta de Arcossó Reserva Brut White

Discover Quinta de Arcossó Reserva Brut White, an exceptional sparkling wine that was born in the privileged region of Arcossó – Vidago, in the Ribeira de Oura Sub-region. This wine comes from a plot dedicated exclusively to sparkling wine, part of a larger set of new vineyards planted in 2016, which extend over 8 hectares. Located on a southern slope of medium altitude (480 meters) with a slope of 30%, it benefits from granite soil that contributes to its uniqueness. Harvested in August, the grapes are carefully pressed whole, followed by a 48-hour decantation and fermentation in stainless steel vats with strict temperature control. The sparkling wine ages for 6 months in stainless steel and undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle with free yeast, resting on the lees for 26 months until disgorgement. It is characterized by a bright golden white color, fine and persistent bubbles, and a fresh and intense aroma. On the palate, it is voluminous, with a harmonious acidity and a delicate finish that evokes notes of biscuit. Quinta de Arcossó Reserva Brut White is a perfect choice for special moments, promising a memorable tasting experience.

Hehn Velha Reserva Brut Nature Magnum

Hehn Velha Reserva Brut Nature stands out as a sparkling wine of choice, presenting a straw yellow color of medium intensity that foreshadows its quality and sophistication. This sparkling wine is a celebration of evolution, exchanging the typical notes of fresh fruit for a more mature and refined bouquet, which highlights the beautiful notes of jam, tea, beeswax, a soft toast and dried fruits. A true ode to complexity and elegant aging. On the nose, it reveals itself to be intensely aromatic and delicate, promising a unique sensorial experience. The creamy texture, combined with an admirable concentration, gives it a distinctive character. The optimal structure and complexity are testimony to the mastery with which this sparkling wine was created, reflecting the care and attention to detail in the winemaking process. In the mouth, Hehn Velha Reserva Brut Nature continues to surprise with its creaminess and depth of flavors. The prolonged finish is a journey of discovery, marked by nuances of toasted hazelnut, honey and lemon zest, which combine harmoniously to create a sophisticated and unforgettable outcome. This sparkling wine is, without a doubt, an elegant choice for wine lovers who value subtlety, complexity and sophistication. Hehn Velha Reserva Bruto Natural is an invitation to celebrate the most special moments with a touch of refinement and exclusivity.

Casa da Passarella Fugitivo Baga Magnum

Discover a unique experience in each bottle of Sparkling Wine Casa da Passarella Fugitivo Baga Magnum. This is not just a wine, it is a concept that challenges norms and celebrates innovation. Inspired by the pioneering trials of the late Dr. Mário Pato in the 30s and 40s, this sparkling wine is a tribute to the legacy of Casa da Passarella. Made using the classic method and using the distinct Baga grape variety, each sip of this sparkling wine transports you back to the past, while opening new paths for the future. With unique conditions in unique years, each bottle is a discovery to be made. Let yourself be enveloped by the reinvented tradition and constant restlessness that defines this extraordinary sparkling wine. Celebrate special moments with Sparkling Wine Casa da Passarella Fugitivo Baga Magnum and discover what makes this wine truly unforgettable.

GIZ Cuvée de Noirs Late Release

GIZ Cuvée de Noirs Late Release is an oenological masterpiece that enchants from the first glance with its beautiful pearl color. This wine, the result of a prolonged aging period, reveals an extraordinary complexity and autolytic character. Notes of cottage cheese pie, apple pie and toasted almonds intertwine with the sweetness of the fruit, creating an enveloping and deeply seductive aromatic bouquet. In the mouth, GIZ Cuvée de Noirs Late Release is crystalline and focused, with a creamy texture and a full flavor that fills the palate. Its pronounced, intrinsic freshness elevates the tasting experience, making each sip a discovery of pure pleasure. This wine is a celebration of high-quality winemaking, ideal for special moments or to appreciate the art of good wine.

Luc Belaire Rare Rose Brut

Bright pink, rich, vibrant pink color. A rich bouquet of red fruits precedes an elegant palate of strawberries and currants, resulting in a perfect harmony of aroma and flavor, with a body and a refreshing, but not too sweet, finish. Perfect as an aperitif, it goes very well with wine or even in cocktails.