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Villa Oeiras Superior 15 Years Old

Villa Oeiras Superior 15 Years Old is a winemaking jewel, the result of a meticulous aging process in Portuguese and French oak barrels over an average period of 15 years. This process gives the wine a complexity and depth that only time can provide. Manual harvesting and careful fermentation, enriched by the addition of 77% wine brandy from the exclusive Lourinhã Region, elevate this wine to a level of excellence. This wine is distinguished by its clarity and color, a reflection of prolonged aging that intensifies its visual characteristics, making it a visual masterpiece before it is even tasted. A paleta aromática do Villa Oeiras Superior 15 Anos é um convite ao deleite, com nuances de frutos secos, especiarias, tabaco e toffee. These intricate aromas invite you on a unique sensory journey, preparing your palate for an unforgettable experience. In the mouth, it appears semi-sweet, with a richness of taste that is elegantly balanced by its acidity. The finish is persistent and elegant, a signature of quality that remains in the memory long after the last sip. As a companion, Villa Oeiras Superior 15 Years Old is exceptional both as an aperitif and as a digestive, pairing perfectly with dry or semi-cured cheeses, pâtés and rich Portuguese convent sweets. Choosing this wine is opting for a moment of pure indulgence and appreciation of the most refined flavors.

Villa Oeiras 7 Years Old

Villa Oeiras 7 Years Old is a sublime expression of time and tradition, the result of careful aging in Portuguese and French oak barrels for an average of seven years. Manual harvesting and fermentation, enriched by the addition of 77% wine brandy from the prestigious Lourinhã Region, are just the beginning of an unprecedented sensorial journey. Upon observation, this wine dazzles with its clear and luminous clarity, a promise of purity and quality. The golden yellow color radiates elegance, evoking images of preciousness and wealth. In terms of aromas, Villa Oeiras 7 Years Old reveals a captivating complexity. Notes of dried fruits mix harmoniously with spices and toffee, creating an olfactory symphony that heralds a unique taste experience. Upon tasting, it reveals itself as semi-sweet and rich, a balanced combination of elegant acidity and sweetness. The finish is as elegant as it is persistent, leaving a lasting impression that invites repeat use. As an accompaniment, Villa Oeiras 7 Years Old is versatile, being ideal both as an aperitif and as a digestive. It pairs perfectly with dry or semi-cured cheeses, pâtés and Portuguese conventual sweets, making every moment of tasting a celebration of traditional flavors and winemaking excellence.

Villa Oeiras Harvest 2012

Villa Oeiras Harvest 2012 is a wine that stands out for its exceptional quality. Produced with carefully selected and manually harvested grapes, this wine is the result of a meticulous winemaking process. During fermentation, 77% wine brandy, from the prestigious Lourinhã Region, is added halfway through the process. This crucial step gives Villa Oeiras Harvest 2012 its unique and distinctive character. Aging in Portuguese and French oak barrels provides this wine with aromatic complexity and an enviable structure. When you taste Villa Oeiras Colheita 2012, you will be immediately captivated by its clear and brilliant clarity, and by its orange and amber color, which reflects its maturity and elegance. On the nose, Villa Oeiras Harvest 2012 presents a symphony of aromas, with notes of wood, dried fruits, chocolate, spices and coffee. These enveloping aromas prepare the palate for an unforgettable experience. When tasting this sublime wine, you will be surprised by its velvety texture and elegant acidity, which marries perfectly with the sweetness. The pronounced intensity of the flavors is proof of the quality and care with which this wine was produced. In the mouth, Villa Oeiras Harvest 2012 presents a semi-sweet entry, followed by a refreshing freshness that combines harmoniously with the unctuousness and structure of the wine. The aftertaste is long and persistent, leaving a trail of satisfaction and pleasure.

Horácio Simões Fortified Wine Castelão Red

The aging process intensifies the fruit, creating a complex palate that is characteristic of the great old liqueurs. This Bastardo is ideal for finishing a meal and becomes an inspiration for good conversation. It is produced according to the traditional method of the generous of the house. The grapes harvested by hand are stalked and crushed, followed by fermentation with maceration of the films to extract the best constituents. The addition of wine spirit establishes the balance between the body and the aroma of the wine, being the ideal moment established by the winemaking team after a rigorous control. Over the years, Generous Horácio Simões wines have been carefully transferred, tasted and analyzed and batch based on the teachings left by previous generations. Before leaving for the market the wines are evaluated by the tasters of the family (obligatory representation of 3 generations). It has a dark amber color, complex aroma (compote, figs, spice and nuts), round flavor, very soft and very fresh. Fresh and prolonged end of mouth. Contains sulfites.

Tiago Cabaço Licoroso Alicante Bouschet Red

Dark ruby color. Deep aromas of honey, jam, dried fruit and spices. Structured, with persistent finish. Contains sulfites.

Adega de Borba Vinho Licoroso Premium Red

Clean appearance, amber color with red nuances. Intense, rich and complex aroma of raisins, nuts and spices. balanced flavor and fresh soft notes of jam and red fruits, elegant and persistent finish. Contains sulfites.

Adega de Borba Vinho Licoroso White

This liqueur wine was made exclusively from the "Roupeiro" grape variety, the most important white grape variety in Alentejo. After selection in the vineyard of the best grapes, in a state of perfect maturation, they were crushed carefully in the Cellar, separating the must. After that, the obtained wort was pumped with specially selected wine spirit, resulting in a product of excellent quality. In order to improve its organoleptic qualities qualitatively, this liqueur wine, is aged for 6 to 8 months in French oak barrels. Contains sulfites.

Vinha d’Ervideira Vinho Licoroso Red

Mechanical and nocturnal harvest. After the arrival of the grapes to the Cellar these are sent to mills of pisa mecânia. After the start of alcoholic fermentation the must is enriched in wine spirit. Later this wine is aged in barrels vinified in Carvalho Francés for a minimum period of 2 years. Longevity of 20 years. From the Tinta Caiada grape variety we designed the first Vinha D'Ervideira Liqueur. It reveals itself with a seductive, appealing and engaging profile. Aromatically intense, referring us to expressions of blackcurrants, blackberries and violets. In the mouth it is dense, reveals firm tannins, minerality, with vibrant acidity. Contains sulfites.

BASTARDINHO Vinho Licoroso 40 anos

After very long years of aging the Bastardinho de Azeitão (Trousseau), this extraordinary nectar arrived from the Setúbal Peninsula. Aging in used wooden casks. Its fermentation was stopped by adding wine spirit, and it had a skin maceration of 5 months. Deep amber color with a well-marked green rim and red background. Extremely fruity aroma of almonds, hazelnuts, cloves, walnuts, figs, honey. Subtlety, elegance and great balance. Finess, freshness, softness, very elegant, excellent sugar/acidity ratio. Long end of test. Contains sulfites.

Tradicion Oloroso

This exceptionally odorous wine, of a very long age, is the result of a special selection of wines from certain Palomino grape varieties. Its aging in casks with extensive experience in the conservation of exceptional wines of the same style, results in this unique, complex aroma with a high concentration of aromas. This exceptionally fragrant wine is the result of prolonged aging in wood and in contact with the air of a palomino wine that has never had a flower veil. Mahogany color with coppery edges and a nose with nutty notes, toasted, balsamic notes, a very evolved sweet and vinous aroma. In the mouth it is velvety, powerful, harmonious, with great flavor and persistence, all due to the concentration of its components, which after more than forty years of aging result in this intensity and complexity of aromas. Contains sulfites.

Tradicion Cream 20 Anos

This carefully crafted wine breaks the mold, as the combination of Pedro Ximénez - with its fresh raisin notes - and our much older dry Oloroso results in a very original and authentic combination. The complexity of this wine's flavors is surprising and the texture is, to say the least, seductive. At the same time, it is a very pleasant wine to drink and a perfect companion to many dishes, from the most obvious desserts to the most risky combinations. It is the perfect sweet wine for those who only drink non-sweet wines. This is an unusual wine, the only one in its category with twenty-five years old guaranteed by its VOS classification. Contains sulfites.

Tradicion Fino

This is a wine in full maturation, the result of a long aging under “flower” - a veil of yeasts, in American oak barrels by the solera and criaderas system. Very dry, it shows saltiness, complexity, intensity and length that are difficult to compare, offering a long persistence in the mouth. This is a rare kind of fine, pure, serious and traditional. Contains sulfites.