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Moscatel Portal Harvest 2011

Discover the Moscatel Portal Harvest 2011, an exceptional wine that promises to delight discerning wine enthusiasts. With an alcoholic fermentation process in closed vats and troughs at temperatures between 20-22ºC, this moscatel is meticulously cared for from the initial stages of winemaking. Aged for a minimum of seven years in oak barrels in the style of old Tawnies, the Moscatel Portal Colheita 2011 features a distinctive golden color. Its intense aromas of green pear and apple, enhanced by notes of orange peel and a slight caramel touch, offer a unique elegance to the palate. Perfect as a dessert wine, it should be served chilled. It pairs wonderfully with sweets, especially with frozen desserts at 10-11ºC or egg-based sweets at 12-13ºC. An ideal match for a Foie starter, this moscatel superbly balances sweetness and acidity, with a fresh, citrus profile that contrasts with the complexity of wines aged in old wood.

Moscatel António Saramago JMS Superior 1998

Experience Moscatel António Saramago JMS Superior 1998, an exquisite expression from the Setúbal Peninsula. This Moscatel, with its bright amber color, is produced exclusively from 100% Moscatel grapes, selected for their superior quality. The vinification process includes careful fermentation with the addition of grape spirit, followed by about 6 months of maceration. Aging in Limousin French oak barrels enhances its profile, lending it a rare complexity. Aromas of orange peel, raisins, and honey combine with balsamic notes, resulting in a velvety, intense, and balanced flavor. This Moscatel is particularly recommended for pairing with regional sweets, elevating each culinary experience to a moment of pure delight.

Moscatel António Saramago

Discover Moscatel António Saramago, a gem from the Setúbal Peninsula, capturing the essence of its region with a deep amber color. This uniquely indisputable Moscatel is crafted from 100% Moscatel grapes, ensuring unmatched purity in aroma and taste. The vinification process includes a slight fermentation halted by the addition of grape spirit, followed by about 6 months of extended maceration. Aging in French oak barrels enhances the complexity of this nectar, creating a perfect harmony between tradition and modernity. Aromas of orange blossom and orange peel intertwine with subtle nutty notes, culminating in a taste experience that balances good acidity with an elegant and lasting finish. Moscatel António Saramago is an exceptional choice for connoisseurs of robust and aromatic wines.

Moscatel António Saramago 10 Year Old

Discover the exquisite Moscatel António Saramago 10 Year Old, a jewel of viticulture on the Setúbal Peninsula. This distinctive moscatel is produced through careful vinification, starting with a slight fermentation followed by the addition of wine brandy and a six-month maceration, culminating in ten years of aging in French oak barrels. Upon serving, it reveals a stunning topaz color and seduces with intense aromas of orange peel, honey, and dried fruits. On the palate, it presents itself as velvety and balanced, with refreshing acidity that promotes a harmonious and enveloping taste experience. Ideal as an aperitif or to accompany regional sweets, Moscatel António Saramago 10 Year Old is an excellent choice for special moments. Add this piece of excellence to your wine collection and enjoy a tradition of flavor that stands the test of time.

Barbeito Verdelho Vinha do Agostinho 2007

Discover the exclusive Barbeito Verdelho Vinha do Agostinho 2007, a tribute to the tradition and innovation of Madeira winemaking, following the philosophy of quality and exclusivity started by Mário Barbeito 75 years ago. This unique wine, of limited production, is the result of a meticulous choice, marking the return of the prestigious single-barrel Verdelho bottlings, after a few years of hiatus. Produced exclusively with grapes selected from the same vineyard as the previous harvests of 1996, 2000 and 2006, this 2007 perpetuates the excellence of the line. The vineyard, owned by Mr. Agostinho Andrade Júnior, is located on the north coast of the island, in São Vicente, establishing an ideal microclimate that contributes significantly to the vibrant acidity of the wine. The special relationship with Mr. Agostinho, since 1994, has reinforced the commitment to the authenticity and unique character of this Verdelho. Barbeito Verdelho Vinha do Agostinho 2007 stands out for its exceptional acidity, which balances the concentration developed through aging using the traditional canteiro method. This harvest is a testament to the ability to produce Madeira wines of exceptional quality and complexity, inviting an unforgettable sensory experience.

Barbeito Single Harvest 2010

Discover Barbeito Single Harvest 2010, an exceptional wine that reflects the mastery and innovation of Barbeito winemaking. Selected before full ripeness, Tinta Negra grapes were carefully pressed to preserve vibrant acidity. Maturation using the Canteiro method in old French oak barrels gave this wine a unique complexity. This wine has a stunning golden color, with a bouquet of aromas that includes dried fruits, especially nuts, nuances of ripe quince, dried flowers and citrus fruits. On the palate, it stands out for its delicacy and freshness, with a fine and balanced acidity, culminating in a singularly elegant finish. Barbeito Single Harvest 2010 is perfect served at 11/12ºC, as an aperitif or with olives, toasted almonds, marinated fish, salads and cheeses. This wine, already filtered and ready to enjoy, maintains its excellence for several months after opening, inviting moments of pure delight and sophistication.

Barbeito Malvasia Cândida 2006

Discover the exclusive Barbeito Malvasia Cândida 2006, a rarity from the only vineyard in Madeira that cultivates the historic Malvasia Cândida grape variety. Located in the idyllic Fajã dos Padres, this "little treasure" is the result of a special collaboration with producer Mário Jardim Fernandes, honoring the winemaking tradition passed down through generations of Ricardo Diogo Freitas' family. This Malvasia Cândida is a testament to Barbeito's excellence and innovation. In an exceptional harvest, which exceeded all expectations in terms of quantity, the wine was carefully forgotten in a stainless steel tank for two years. This resting period transformed it into a time capsule of freshness, perfectly balancing its natural sweetness with lively acidity. On the nose, it reveals a complex and intense bouquet, with notes of raisin, nutmeg and surprising touches reminiscent of quince and varnish. With just 1,170 bottles available, Barbeito Malvasia Cândida 2006 is a unique expression of Madeira, offering a rich and balanced tasting experience, marked by a honeyed sweetness and a spicy acidity that lingers. A true jewel for collectors and lovers of extraordinary wines.

Moscatel Bacalhôa Superior 40 Year Old

Discover the Moscatel Bacalhôa Superior 40 Year Old, a true winemaking masterpiece, born from Moscatel de Setúbal grapes from the prestigious Serra da Ursa vineyard, at the foot of the Arrábida mountain range. This exceptional "terroir" is the birthplace of the most renowned fortified wines in DO Setúbal. After a careful harvest at the end of October 1983 and winemaking that follows the most authentic traditional practices, 40 years later, this unique wine was bottled in a very limited edition of just 200 0.5L bottles. This extraordinary harvest is reserved for equally special future moments. The aging process of this Moscatel took place in a unique warehouse, under conditions of high natural temperature ranges, favoring an aromatic complexity and incomparable flavors. With an intense amber color, adorned by golden and greenish reflections, it reveals aromas of bitter orange jam, marmalade, tea, dates, fig in syrup, hazelnut and honey. This Moscatel surprises with its remarkable balance between sweetness, acidity and bitter notes, providing a refreshing and captivating sensation on the palate. With a smooth texture and long finish, this wine is unique. Ideal to be enjoyed at 16-18ºC, at the end of a meal, pairing perfectly with intense cheeses, chocolate and bitter orange desserts, or even with and after coffee.

Villa Oeiras Superior 15 Years Old

Villa Oeiras Superior 15 Years Old is a winemaking jewel, the result of a meticulous aging process in Portuguese and French oak barrels over an average period of 15 years. This process gives the wine a complexity and depth that only time can provide. Manual harvesting and careful fermentation, enriched by the addition of 77% wine brandy from the exclusive Lourinhã Region, elevate this wine to a level of excellence. This wine is distinguished by its clarity and color, a reflection of prolonged aging that intensifies its visual characteristics, making it a visual masterpiece before it is even tasted. A paleta aromática do Villa Oeiras Superior 15 Anos é um convite ao deleite, com nuances de frutos secos, especiarias, tabaco e toffee. These intricate aromas invite you on a unique sensory journey, preparing your palate for an unforgettable experience. In the mouth, it appears semi-sweet, with a richness of taste that is elegantly balanced by its acidity. The finish is persistent and elegant, a signature of quality that remains in the memory long after the last sip. As a companion, Villa Oeiras Superior 15 Years Old is exceptional both as an aperitif and as a digestive, pairing perfectly with dry or semi-cured cheeses, pâtés and rich Portuguese convent sweets. Choosing this wine is opting for a moment of pure indulgence and appreciation of the most refined flavors.

Villa Oeiras 7 Years Old

Villa Oeiras 7 Years Old is a sublime expression of time and tradition, the result of careful aging in Portuguese and French oak barrels for an average of seven years. Manual harvesting and fermentation, enriched by the addition of 77% wine brandy from the prestigious Lourinhã Region, are just the beginning of an unprecedented sensorial journey. Upon observation, this wine dazzles with its clear and luminous clarity, a promise of purity and quality. The golden yellow color radiates elegance, evoking images of preciousness and wealth. In terms of aromas, Villa Oeiras 7 Years Old reveals a captivating complexity. Notes of dried fruits mix harmoniously with spices and toffee, creating an olfactory symphony that heralds a unique taste experience. Upon tasting, it reveals itself as semi-sweet and rich, a balanced combination of elegant acidity and sweetness. The finish is as elegant as it is persistent, leaving a lasting impression that invites repeat use. As an accompaniment, Villa Oeiras 7 Years Old is versatile, being ideal both as an aperitif and as a digestive. It pairs perfectly with dry or semi-cured cheeses, pâtés and Portuguese conventual sweets, making every moment of tasting a celebration of traditional flavors and winemaking excellence.

Villa Oeiras Harvest 2012

Villa Oeiras Harvest 2012 is a wine that stands out for its exceptional quality. Produced with carefully selected and manually harvested grapes, this wine is the result of a meticulous winemaking process. During fermentation, 77% wine brandy, from the prestigious Lourinhã Region, is added halfway through the process. This crucial step gives Villa Oeiras Harvest 2012 its unique and distinctive character. Aging in Portuguese and French oak barrels provides this wine with aromatic complexity and an enviable structure. When you taste Villa Oeiras Colheita 2012, you will be immediately captivated by its clear and brilliant clarity, and by its orange and amber color, which reflects its maturity and elegance. On the nose, Villa Oeiras Harvest 2012 presents a symphony of aromas, with notes of wood, dried fruits, chocolate, spices and coffee. These enveloping aromas prepare the palate for an unforgettable experience. When tasting this sublime wine, you will be surprised by its velvety texture and elegant acidity, which marries perfectly with the sweetness. The pronounced intensity of the flavors is proof of the quality and care with which this wine was produced. In the mouth, Villa Oeiras Harvest 2012 presents a semi-sweet entry, followed by a refreshing freshness that combines harmoniously with the unctuousness and structure of the wine. The aftertaste is long and persistent, leaving a trail of satisfaction and pleasure.

Moscatel João Pires 10 Years Old

Moscatel João Pires 10 Years Old is a wine of excellence, the result of a meticulous winemaking process. Fermentation is stopped with the addition of neutral spirit, allowing the wine to remain in skin maceration for 5 months. This process gives Moscatel João Pires 10 Years Old an incomparable complexity and richness of flavors. After maceration, the wine is bled and blended with the press wine, followed by aging that varies between 10 and 15 years in used oak barrels. This aging period is fundamental for the development of the characteristic aromas and flavors of Moscatel João Pires 10 Years Old. When served at the ideal temperature of 16ºC, Moscatel João Pires 10 Years Old is the perfect accompaniment to desserts. Its versatility also allows it to be enjoyed as an aperitif, when served at a temperature of 10ºC. When tasting Moscatel João Pires 10 Years Old, it is impossible not to be captivated by its rich golden color, which anticipates the complexity of aromas that follow. Notes of orange peel, apricot, nuts, honey and anise combine in an irresistible bouquet. On the palate, Moscatel João Pires 10 Years Old reveals a perfect harmony between the flavors of toast and fruit, in a soft texture that caresses the senses. The finish is extraordinarily long, leaving a lasting and memorable impression.