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Set of 2 bottle markers

Introducing the Vin Bouquet Set of 2 Bottle Markers, the perfect choice for adding a personal and creative touch to your bottles for any special occasion. This set includes two elegant markers in gold and silver, designed specifically for writing on bottles, allowing you to personalize meaningful messages, names or dates in a distinctive and lasting way. Whether for a wedding, a birthday, a festive dinner or simply to offer a unique and memorable gift, these pens transform any bottle into a vehicle of emotions and memories. Ideal for lovers of wine, spirits or any drink that deserves to be highlighted with a personal touch, the Set of 2 Bottle Pens is the most elegant and imaginative way to offer a personalized bottle.

Set of 8 silicone glass markers

We present the Vin Bouquet Set of 8 Silicone Glass Markers, an elegant and practical solution for keeping drinks identified at any event or celebration. With these markers, each guest will be able to easily recognize their glass, eliminating confusion and avoiding unnecessary use and washing of additional glasses. This set includes 8 markers made of silicone, a durable and easy-to-clean material, each equipped with a practical clip system for secure and simple attachment to any type of cup. Using silicone glass markers will not only make organizing your parties easier, but will also add a touch of color and fun to the table, making each moment more special and personalized.

Set of 4 Glass Straws with Cleaning Brush

Discover elegance and sustainability with the Set of 4 Glass Straws with Cleaning Brush from Vin Bouquet. Measuring 20cm long, these straws are made from borosilicate glass, known for its durability and resistance, making them ideal for a wide range of drinks, from refreshing smoothies and lemonades to delicious cocktails and hot chocolate. The inclusion of a specifically designed cleaning brush ensures perfect hygiene, allowing you to eliminate all residues effectively and simply. Furthermore, by choosing these reusable glass straws, you will be making an ecologically conscious choice, contributing to reducing the consumption of disposable straws and, consequently, the environmental impact.

Set of 2 20ml Dispensers

Discover Vin Bouquet's Set of 2 20ml Dispensers, an elegant and practical solution for serving the perfect dose in each glass. This set, consisting of two 20ml precision dispensers, is essential for creating rich, visually appealing drinks, taking the art of bartending to a new level. Ideal not only for bars and cocktail lovers, but also for any modern kitchen, these dispensers guarantee a clean and precise service, eliminating waste and splashes. Its locking functionality after releasing an exact dose makes it a versatile and indispensable tool. With the Vin Bouquet Set of 2 20ml Dispensers, preparing drinks becomes a simple, effective and elegant task, ensuring total satisfaction with each use.

Set of Mojito & Caipirinha

With this complete cocktail set, you have everything you need to prepare high-quality mojitos and caipirinhas. Includes a lime squeezer, wooden pestle, 50ml jigger and 2 glasses.

Metal Cork for Cava / Champagne

Metal stopper to preserve bottles of Cava or champagne.

Stopper with Automatic Vacuum Pump

Stopper with automatic vacuum pump with indicator light. Ideal for preserving wine.

Silver Champagne Set

Includes a champagne corkscrew, silver bottle sleeve and universal stopper.