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Piano LBV 2015 Ruby

Discover Piano LBV 2015 Ruby, a Porto wine with a deep ruby color and golden highlights, perfect for special occasions. This Porto features a sophisticated bouquet dominated by fine, complex aromas of black and red fruits, enriched with intense notes of dried herbs. On the palate, the Piano LBV 2015 Ruby is vigorous and robust. Its dense tannins provide remarkable structure and body, making this wine an intense and engaging experience. The finish is long, marked by a delicious wild berry flavor that lingers and delights. Ideal for pairing with a chocolate fondant or enhancing the flavor of goat cheese, the Piano LBV 2015 Ruby is a sublime choice for those who appreciate wines with character and depth.

Graham’s LBV 2018 Ruby

Discover Graham's LBV 2018 Ruby, an exceptional wine that benefited from careful aging in wood at Graham’s Lodge for six years, reaching perfection and ready to be enjoyed as soon as bottled. This wine is distinguished by a rich bouquet, where black currant and blackberry stand out, complemented by delicate notes of dried mint leaf, eucalyptus and a subtle touch of licorice. Its purity and fruity freshness are remarkable, enhanced by floral aromas of rockrose flower, giving it a unique elegance. Graham's LBV 2018 Ruby is versatile in gastronomic terms, pairing perfectly with intense dark chocolate desserts or a selection of semi-cured and cured cheeses, such as Cheddar and Manchego, enriching any occasion. Once opened, it maintains all its qualities for 4 to 6 weeks, allowing you to enjoy this prolonged pleasure. An ideal choice for those who appreciate superior quality wines and memorable tasting moments.

Warre’s LBV 2010 Ruby

Warre's LBV 2010 Ruby is distinguished by a meticulous aging process that highlights its exceptionality. After maturing in wood for four years, it was bottled without clarification or filtration, followed by an additional eight years of aging in the bottle in the Warre's cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. This traditional method, which combines maturation in wood and in the bottle, gives the wine a sumptuous profile, with a style and complexity that rivals Vintage Ports, distinguishing it in the LBV category. Stored with a long cork to guarantee its quality, Warre's LBV 2010 Ruby must be decanted before consumption, revealing its fullness after a brief rest. This wine is the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of strong cheeses and decadent desserts, including dark chocolate. With vibrant aromas of black currant and black cherry, complemented by hints of mint and pine resin, this Port offers a juicy, rich palate, with indulgent notes of blackberry and cocoa, enriched by peppery tannins. A sensorial experience of pure seduction, Warre's LBV 2010 Ruby promises to enchant from the first sip, promising years of wine pleasure.

Ferreira LBV 2019 Ruby

Porto Ferreira Late Bottled Vintage (L.B.V) is a high quality port that combines the unique characteristics of the year it is produced with the ease of being savored immediately or after aging in the bottle. LBV Ports are wines from a single vintage, bottled between the 4th and 6th year after the harvest. Ideal to accompany intense cheeses and desserts rich in chocolate. Contains sulfites.

Quinta das Carvalhas 10 Years Old + LBV 2017

Set of 1 bottle of Quinta das Carvalhas 10 Years Old 75cl + 1 bottle of Quinta das Carvalhas LBV 2017 75cl.

Martha’s LBV 2019 Ruby

Intense ruby color. Intense aroma, notes of ripe black fruit in harmony with fresher notes of plum and subtle balsamic notes that give it complexity. In the mouth, the black fruit is even more marked and engaging. High quality, ripe tannins, combined with correct acidity. Excellent persistence, once again marked by an intense fruit flavor.

Quinta das Tecedeiras LBV 2018 Ruby

In this Late Bottled Vintage from Quinta das Tecedeiras, you will find combinations: elegance, power, complexity and nobility, coming from the mixture of more than 10 traditional grape varieties, some originating from plots of old vines. To maintain all its characteristics, this LBV has not been filtered, so we recommend decanting it.

Portal LBV 2018 Ruby

Aged for 4 years in old wooden casks and unfiltered. An LBV rich in color, the nose shows its fragrance of very ripe red fruits and some forest fruits resulting from aging in wood.