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Adamus Aguardente Bagaceira

Its origin dates back to distant times in the history of Portugal, the current and inadequate, less noble and undervalued image of a rustic drink full of history would have to be restored. After 4 generations of producing traditional grape spirits, the time has come to produce a grape that combines the best of traditional spirits, with more modernist details, and without losing the soul of a pure Lusitanian bagasse and specifically from Bairrada. The best grape marc from the best Baga da Bairrada wines was selected, and the whole winemaking and maturation process was carefully monitored. Several slow and detailed distillations were carried out in copper vessels by direct vapor trail and the best distillates were selected, both in test and analytically in the laboratory. With a fresh and vinous aroma, it has notes of fresh bagasse and nuances of grape must, allied with a good floral component (some orange blossom) and passion fruit. Contains sulfites.

Adamus Aguardente Vínica Velhíssima 20 Anos

From the robustness of the classic Bairradino wines of the 90's, a lot with ideal physicochemical and organoleptic characteristics was selected under the Baga grape empire. The wine's youthfulness was taken advantage of and a carefully crafted distillation was started in discontinuous copper stills to allow the millennial chemical connection between copper and distillation. Old beds of national oak and Allier barrels of various types of grain and toast were selected as a resting bed, which were in a long stage of over 20 years in the family's old cellar. Here he was taking care of all necessary operations so that in the end with which conductor, everything mirrored perfection. Its personality is made of distinctive color, aromatic complexity, denotes evolution, softness, which highlights aromatic notes of toffee, confit fruit, allied to good notes of cigar boxes, balsamic and roasting, with a pleasant to the lingual touch, body elegant and with persistent notes that invade the palate. Thus it comes under the ADAMUS insignia, genuinely pure, genuinely old, genuinely sublime! Contains sulfites.

Adega de Borba Aguardente Vínica Reserva

In addition to its notoriety in the production of Alentejo wines, Adega de Borba has always had a great tradition in producing quality spirits, using and selecting wines and fermented wine pastas in the Borba region. ACB is a brandy obtained by distilling white wine, mainly from the Roupeiro variety, produced in the 2015 harvest. It has a bright golden color. Young aroma, citrus fruit, raisins and light honey. Fresh in taste, youthful in acidity, citrus fruits, sweet mango, white plum raisin and an excellent final greasiness. Contains sulfites.

Adega de Borba Bagaceira Velha Amarela

In addition to its renown in the production of Alentejo wines, Adega Cooperativa de Borba has a great tradition in the production of spirits using and selecting traditional varieties of the region of Borba. Bagasse is the product resulting from the pressing of the wine masses from the elaboration of wines, which are distilled in own distillation vessels, strictly obeying distillation temperatures and times, thus ensuring the separation of the different alcohols, the genuineness and quality of our spirits. It then ages about 24 months in French wood barrels for final thinning before bottling. Clear, yellow topaz. Intense, fruity aroma characteristic of the region's grape varieties. Taste-soft, with slight velvety wood, and particularly persistent at the end of the test. Contains sulfites.

Adega de Borba Bagaceira Velhíssima

Vibrant golden color with an intense, complex, fine and velvety aroma the almond and fruit, soft taste, due to the long stage in oak barrels 'limousin', which intensifies the softness of nuts, a long pleasurable finish full of delicacy , make the Borba Velhissima brandy one of the best spirits that can be drunk in Portugal. Contains sulfites.

Adega de Borba Old Brandy 1976

Wine produced in the 70s, using the traditional fermentation technique used in the region. Distillation of wine in a still, in a slow, careful way and with improved selection. Golden amber to topaz color. Intense, but gently spicy aroma of very ripe yellow fruits and dried fruits. Very soft flavor, with considerable smoothness and unctuous texture like fruit jelly, with confit fruit in harmony and elegance, with a slight acidity and dried fruits that persist for a long time.

Adega Velha 30 Anos

The Adega Velha 30 Anos fulfills the dream of producing a single brandy. A preciousness just possible to achieve with decades of aging. With its topaz hue, attractive aroma and long and unmistakable finish, it is a truly unique and special brandy. Contains sulfites.

Adega Velha Aguardente Vínica 13 Anos Duplo Estágio

The brandy is subjected to aging in French oak casks. The final batch, with an average age of 12 years of aging, is then submitted to a 12-month aging in Quinta Vale D. Maria Port Wine casks, ensuring the preservation of the original characteristics of the brandy. It has an amber color and intense hue, it has a very rich and complex aroma, highlighting a fragrance of fruity and ripe notes and nuances of dried fruits resulting from the 12-month aging in Vale D. Maria casks. In the mouth it has a velvety texture and excellent aromatic complexity in a smooth and silky finish with notes of fruits, honey and spices. Contains sulfites.

Adega Velha Reserva 6 Anos

The grapes, selected for their high acidity and low sugar content, are the source of a light and balanced wine, which is subsequently subjected to two slow and careful distillations in charcoal halibut. After the distillation process, the brandy is subjected to aging in French oak casks, with the final blend having an average age of 6 years of aging. Golden in color and limpid in appearance, aroma of toasted notes of coffee and nuts, surrounded by soft notes of wood. Smooth, velvety flavor and very rich in aromas. Contains sulfites.

Adega Velha XO 12 Anos

The 12-year stage in French oak casks gives the Adega Velha XO its magnificent amber color. With a very rich and complex aroma, marked by notes of berries and nuts, surrounded by the nobility of the wood, this brandy seduces by its silky texture, aromatic complexity and marked and prolonged end. Contains sulfites.

Aguardente de Medronho Sulista

Sulista, a 100% Portuguese product. . Made exclusively from ripe fruit, handcrafted according to traditional customs, it ensures unrivaled quality combined with a focus on protecting the environment. Intense ethereal, with fruit notes and persistence, marked by the original aroma. Very intense, volatile fruit notes, deep and with a final mark well defined by the degree of maturity