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Grappa Sandro Bottega Fumé

Grappa Sandro Bottega Fumé is distinguished by a unique personality, matured in wooden barrels subjected to a special smoking process. Its elegant and attractive design, represented by a delicately shaped bottle, symbolizes a drop of grappa at the time of distillation. The selection and care with raw materials ensure the quality, freshness and perfect conservation of the pomace that originates this grappa, which comes from the Glera grape, an indigenous vine used in the production of Prosecco. The skins, fragrant and rich in must, are distilled in three phases, at different temperatures, in traditional copper stills. This method preserves the organoleptic qualities of the original grapes, while aging for 12 months in oak barrels intensifies the sensorial profile and gives the grappa its typical amber color. In appearance, it appears amber in color. The bouquet is intense and captivating, with olfactory notes of dried fruits (especially raisins), vanilla and sweet spices. On the palate, it is smooth and rounded, with a spicy flavor and a delicate vanilla aroma at the end. Grappa Sandro Bottega Fumé is an expression of art, promising a rich and complex tasting experience.

Grappa Sandro Bottega

Grappa Sandro Bottega stands out as one of the oldest and most traditional distillates in northern Italy, created from the solid residue left by pressing grapes. This careful distillation of the pomace extracts and enhances the unique characteristics of the grape skins, concentrating the main aromatic components of the fruit. With a striking personality, Grappa Sandro Bottega is recognized for its elegant and captivating design. Its bottle, with delicate shapes, symbolizes a drop of grappa at the exact moment of distillation. In appearance, it appears transparent and crystalline. The bouquet is clean and fragrant, offering nuances of fresh fruit and a pleasant touch of wildflowers. On the palate, it is dry and balanced, with a persistent flavor of fresh fruit and herbaceous nuances in the finish. Grappa Sandro Bottega is a unique flavor experience that delights with every tasting.

Setenta Old Wine Brandy

Seventy years, seventy turns around the sun… this is a brandy of celebration and overcoming, a corollary of a life full of affections, experiences and knowledge. Setenta marks maturity, the root as deep as the height of the crown, balance and stability. From the oldest strains in Beira Interior, we selected the best grapes that, after slow fermentation, were distilled in our century-old still, culminating this journey in patient aging in heavily toasted French oak barrels. An old wine brandy, with complex aromas and a smooth character, where wood stands out with notes of vanilla and chocolate. Limited edition of 4,000 bottles.  

Grappa Di Brunello Il Poggione

Light in color, harmonious and smooth, with an intense and refined flavor, where it is possible to recognize the Sangiovese flavors.

Mavem Wine Brandy with 2 glasses

It is in Portugal, at sea level, that only a restricted selection of young Portuguese wines is distilled and aged. The thermal variations supported by the barrels throughout the seasons, combined with our art of progressive alcohol reduction, give Mavem unique notes of vanilla, marzipan and orange. Enjoy this original spirit with ice, neat or in a delicate cocktail.

Adega de Borba Old Brandy 1976

Wine produced in the 70s, using the traditional fermentation technique used in the region. Distillation of wine in a still, in a slow, careful way and with improved selection. Golden amber to topaz color. Intense, but gently spicy aroma of very ripe yellow fruits and dried fruits. Very soft flavor, with considerable smoothness and unctuous texture like fruit jelly, with confit fruit in harmony and elegance, with a slight acidity and dried fruits that persist for a long time.

Velho Medonho Medronho Brandy 7 Years

It aged for 7 years in French oak barrels, which gave it an extraordinary smoothness and elegance in this unique and unrepeatable edition.

Aguardente de Medronho Sulista

Sulista, a 100% Portuguese product. . Made exclusively from ripe fruit, handcrafted according to traditional customs, it ensures unrivaled quality combined with a focus on protecting the environment. Intense ethereal, with fruit notes and persistence, marked by the original aroma. Very intense, volatile fruit notes, deep and with a final mark well defined by the degree of maturity

Caves São João Old Bagaceira Brandy

Intense topaz color. Clear appearance. Very rich and intense aroma, with notes of alcohol, fresh pomace, resins and menthol, surrounded by a faint perception of the oak wood where it aged. Very velvety, alcoholic and aromatic flavor.

Daron Fine Calvados

Calvados is made from apple and par wine and distilled in the Pays d'Auge. With a delicious apple aroma, full and smooth, it is long on the palate and has a subtle fruity flavor (apple and pear).

Pisco 1615 Quebranta

Pisco Puro Quebranta brandy is made from a single grape variety. Pisco is produced in Peru and is the only spirit in the world made exclusively from grape must, without any addition of water or aging in wood.

Áurea Old Vines Spirits in cardboard box

Áurea Old Vine Spirits have a topaz color with a clear and crystalline appearance. This brandy was distilled twice from selected wines and then aged in French oak barrels for over 20 years. Enveloping flavor, soft, with excellent body and volume, spices and vanilla in prominence. Exuberant aroma, intense in notes of sweet almonds, apricot, dehydrated, vanilla, toasted spices and balsamic. Prolonged and captivating finish. Aged in French oak casks for 10 years.