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Barbeito Verdelho Vinha do Agostinho 2007

Discover the exclusive Barbeito Verdelho Vinha do Agostinho 2007, a tribute to the tradition and innovation of Madeira winemaking, following the philosophy of quality and exclusivity started by Mário Barbeito 75 years ago. This unique wine, of limited production, is the result of a meticulous choice, marking the return of the prestigious single-barrel Verdelho bottlings, after a few years of hiatus. Produced exclusively with grapes selected from the same vineyard as the previous harvests of 1996, 2000 and 2006, this 2007 perpetuates the excellence of the line. The vineyard, owned by Mr. Agostinho Andrade Júnior, is located on the north coast of the island, in São Vicente, establishing an ideal microclimate that contributes significantly to the vibrant acidity of the wine. The special relationship with Mr. Agostinho, since 1994, has reinforced the commitment to the authenticity and unique character of this Verdelho. Barbeito Verdelho Vinha do Agostinho 2007 stands out for its exceptional acidity, which balances the concentration developed through aging using the traditional canteiro method. This harvest is a testament to the ability to produce Madeira wines of exceptional quality and complexity, inviting an unforgettable sensory experience.

Barbeito Single Harvest 2010

Discover Barbeito Single Harvest 2010, an exceptional wine that reflects the mastery and innovation of Barbeito winemaking. Selected before full ripeness, Tinta Negra grapes were carefully pressed to preserve vibrant acidity. Maturation using the Canteiro method in old French oak barrels gave this wine a unique complexity. This wine has a stunning golden color, with a bouquet of aromas that includes dried fruits, especially nuts, nuances of ripe quince, dried flowers and citrus fruits. On the palate, it stands out for its delicacy and freshness, with a fine and balanced acidity, culminating in a singularly elegant finish. Barbeito Single Harvest 2010 is perfect served at 11/12ºC, as an aperitif or with olives, toasted almonds, marinated fish, salads and cheeses. This wine, already filtered and ready to enjoy, maintains its excellence for several months after opening, inviting moments of pure delight and sophistication.

Barbeito Malvasia Cândida 2006

Discover the exclusive Barbeito Malvasia Cândida 2006, a rarity from the only vineyard in Madeira that cultivates the historic Malvasia Cândida grape variety. Located in the idyllic Fajã dos Padres, this "little treasure" is the result of a special collaboration with producer Mário Jardim Fernandes, honoring the winemaking tradition passed down through generations of Ricardo Diogo Freitas' family. This Malvasia Cândida is a testament to Barbeito's excellence and innovation. In an exceptional harvest, which exceeded all expectations in terms of quantity, the wine was carefully forgotten in a stainless steel tank for two years. This resting period transformed it into a time capsule of freshness, perfectly balancing its natural sweetness with lively acidity. On the nose, it reveals a complex and intense bouquet, with notes of raisin, nutmeg and surprising touches reminiscent of quince and varnish. With just 1,170 bottles available, Barbeito Malvasia Cândida 2006 is a unique expression of Madeira, offering a rich and balanced tasting experience, marked by a honeyed sweetness and a spicy acidity that lingers. A true jewel for collectors and lovers of extraordinary wines.

Barbeito Verdelho Old Reserve 10 Years Old

Discover aged excellence in every sip of Barbeito Verdelho Old Reserve 10 Years Old. This wine, aged in Canteiro for a decade in French oak casks, is the result of a careful selection of wines from our warehouses, ensuring balanced levels of sugar and acidity. With a discreet and polished wood, this Verdelho reveals engaging notes of ripe citrus, delicate flowers, raisins and honey. Its soft texture and mineral touch are complemented by a fresh and energetic acidity, resulting in a long and persistent finish that captivates the senses. Coming from several quality vineyards in the São Vicente and Prazeres area, the grapes are pressed in a continuous press, with fermentation interrupted by the addition of wine alcohol (96%). Discover the aged perfection of Barbeito Verdelho Old Reserve 10 Years Old and indulge in a unique and memorable sensory experience.

Barbeito Sercial Old Reserva 10 Years Old

Barbeito Sercial Old Reserva 10 Years Old is a Madeira wine of exceptional quality, whose grapes are meticulously selected from the vineyards of Jardim da Serra and Ribeira da Janela. Through a careful process that includes continuous pressing of the grapes and interruption of fermentation with wine alcohol, this Sercial achieves a perfect balance between sugar and acidity. Aged using the traditional Canteiro method for a period of 10 to 14 years in French oak casks, this wine is the result of a careful selection, benefiting from stable temperatures that contribute to its complexity and richness. Aged in barrels and bottled in its purest form, Barbeito Sercial Old Reserva 10 Years Old presents nuances of greenish gold and an aromatic range that includes dried fruits, pine, resin, wood and orange leaf, complemented by a mineral and salty mouthfeel, with fresh acidity and a dry, prolonged finish. Recommended to be served between 11°C and 12°C, in a dry and airy place, this wine is filtered and does not require decanting, remaining in excellent condition for several months after opening. With its structure and freshness, it is perfect as an aperitif or to accompany a variety of dishes, from savory dishes and olives to onion soup, octopus salad, sautéed mushrooms with garlic, oysters and a selection of cheeses, promising to elevate any gastronomic experience.

Barbeito Sercial Curtimenta Harvest 2014

Barbeito Sercial Curtimenta Harvest 2014 is a unique expression of winemaking mastery and innovation, born from the 2014 harvest and vinified through the meticulous tanning technique. This process involved selected grapes from two different origins, Jardim da Serra and Seixal, fermented in two small lagares dedicated to the Sercial grape variety. After fortification, the wine benefited from an additional three months of tanning, enriching its complexity and intensity. During the seven years of aging, the remaining berries were carefully placed in the barrels, contributing to the unique profile of this wine. In March 2023, 890 units were bottled, each individually numbered, sealing the exclusivity of this vintage. With a pure aroma and remarkable intensity, it reveals notes of dried fruits, coconut, green tobacco leaf and white pepper. In the mouth, it is smooth and "meaty", with an elaborate structure, citrus flavors and an almost spicy electric acidity. The finish is dry, fresh and persistent, marking each sip with an unforgettable memory. The Barbeito Sercial Curtimenta Harvest 2014 is a true oenological work of art, promising an exceptional tasting experience.

Barbeito Boal Vinha do Charlot Harvest 2005

The Barbeito Boal Vinha do Charlot Harvest 2005 is a celebration of uniqueness and legacy. Manuel Sardinha Duarte, known affectionately as "Charlot", gave its name to this exceptional Boal vineyard located in Calheta, on the Jardim Pelado site. This region, notable for its dry and hot climate, is the birthplace of rich, complex wines that challenge the limits of winemaking and aging. The 2005 harvest marks the first single cask bottling from this vineyard by Vinhos Barbeito, with 1300 meticulously numbered 500ml units, bottled in July 2023. This wine is distinguished by its aging in 750 liter casks, which gives it a harmonious aroma with fresh notes of orange leaf and peach, balsamic nuances and a marked salinity. On the palate, it has a broad body, a spicy touch that persists until the end, complemented by caramelized dried fruits and dehydrated fruit, all perfectly balanced by a notable citrus acidity. Barbeito Boal Vinha do Charlot Harvest 2005 is a wine of character and depth, a tribute to the land that saw its birth and the man who gave it its name.

Barbeito Sercial Vinha da Lage Harvest 2015

Barbeito Sercial Vinha da Lage Harvest 2015 is a unique expression of the vineyard located in Seixal, in the north of Madeira, where the proximity to the sea and constant salt spray give unique characteristics to the grapes. This wine is born from a careful process, where the grapes are crushed and pressed with stems, creating an exceptional must that, after fermentation, maintains a touch of sweetness, highlighting its complexity. With a production limited to 1020 bottles, this Colheita 2015 is aged in 620 liter casks, in a warehouse with a wide temperature range that promotes slow evolution and incredible concentration in the wine. The initially reticent aroma opens up to reveal intriguing notes of curry, lavender, a vegetal sensation from the stem and a striking saline note. On the palate, vibrant acidity dominates, complemented by nuances of bitter almond, ripe citrus and dried vegetables, culminating in extremely pleasant bitter citrus finishes. The Barbeito Sercial Vinha da Lage Colheita 2015 is, without a doubt, a distinct choice for lovers of wines with personality and history.

Barbeito Malvasia 40 Years Old Vinho do Reitor

Barbeito Malvasia 40 Years Old Vinho do Reitor is a true expression of excellence and tradition, an oenological treasure produced from high quality Malvasia grapes, carefully selected in the São Jorge region. This distinctive wine is created using the traditional foot-treading method, followed by stopping fermentation with the addition of 96% wine alcohol, a technique that preserves its intensity and aromatic complexity. Ideally served at an ambient temperature of 14 to 16ºC, this wine reveals itself in all its splendor when decanted, remaining perfect for several months after opening. Its amber color heralds a bouquet of rich and multifaceted aromas, highlighting notes of old cedar, light iodine, dark chocolate, toasted nuts, dried plums, cinnamon, curry and cloves. On the palate, Barbeito Malvasia 40 Years offers a fusion of fresh and minty flavors, with an energetic and balanced acidity, culminating in a bittersweet finish with almost endless freshness. Ideal as a digestive, it pairs wonderfully with strong cheeses, promising to be the protagonist of unforgettable moments.

Blandy’s Malmsey 2016

Manual harvest, with qualitative selection, for several weeks according to the state of maturation. Bed system, in 650 L casks (little barrels) at room temperature until the month of bottling. Amber color with golden nuance, bright crystalline. Characteristic bouquet, with notes of jams and marmalade, crystallized fruits, walnut and hazelnut nuts. Very rich, soft, sweet, enveloping and simultaneously fresh with a long aftertaste of wood and dried fruit macerated in brandy.

Blandy’s Sercial 2010

Open golden color, bright crystalline. Intense bouquet of candied citrus fruits, citrus jams and exotic spices such as saffron, with notes of dry wood. In the mouth it is dry, very fresh, citrusy with a long finish leaving notes of brandy and honey.

Blandy’s Verdelho 2010

Topaz color with golden nuances, crystal clear. Intense bouquet of apple jelly, yellow fruit chutney, aged brandy with hints of spice. Medium dry and fresh with saline notes, leaving a long and warm aftertaste of candied fruit and brandy.