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Johnnie Walker A Song of Fire

Johnnie Walker A Song of Fire is a rich and spicy whiskey inspired by the fire-blooded Targaryen dragons that roar his verses from A Song Of Fire. Johnnie Walker Song of Fire has subtle smoke flavors from the turbulent malts of the Caol Ila distillery. Synonymous with home where it comes from the full flavor of Song of Fire, it offers subtle red fruits, sweet smoke and a touch of spices like those loaded in Meereen markets. This mixed Scotch whiskey is best enjoyed neat for a warm, smooth finish.

Monkey Shoulder Smokey Monkey

Smokey Monkey is a marriage of Scotland's finest malt whiskeys and brings notes of peat and barley sugar for a sweet, smoky flavor. This blended malt whiskey was created specifically for use in bars. Highland peat, rather than Islay peat, was used in the creation of this whiskey, which was made in consultation with a team of bartenders. The whiskey was aged in first-fill bourbon barrels.

Teeling Sommelier Selection Douro Old Vines

Teeling Sommelier Selection includes variants of Small Batch Irish Whiskey in which high quality wine barrels are used for secondary aging instead of rum. After barrels of French and Italian wines, the 5th release will see for the first time maturation in barrels of red wine from the Portuguese Douro Valley, whose wine was pressed from the harvest of vines over 25 years old. These casks enrich the light, fruity-floral whiskey with hints of dark fruit and spice. Aromas of ripe plums and currants accompanied by dates and spicy notes. Intense palate, but well balanced with black pepper and tannins alongside sour cherry and rich dark fruit flavors. Medium and fruity-spicy finish with dry tannins and warm spices.

Roe & Co Blended

Creamy, deliciously fragrant and remarkably rounded with notes of soft spices and refined sugar and warm notes of woody vanilla.

Cardhu 18 anos

The best experience for the "experts". It is a dry whiskey scented with red fruits, pears and black currant. Already its rich flavor is soft and sweet texture with fruity notes wrapped by the richness of chocolate. It should be appreciated neat, accompany with delicate slices of goat cheese.

Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice

The ice is personified by House Stark, giving the North a strength like no other kingdom. The Stark sigil, a Direwolf, shows its fangs and warns that winter is coming. Like a cold north wind, he howls his verse from The Ice Chronicles. Johnnie Walker Song of Ice is a mixed Scotch whiskey inspired by these wild inhabitants of the North. Much like Winterfell's position in Westeros, Song of Ice is crafted with whiskeys from Clynelish, one of Scotland's most iconic and northern distilleries, lending Scotch a fresher fries. The delicate flavor of the whiskey is green and grassy, with notes of vanilla and tropical fruits similar to the fruits of the orchards of Dorne. This mixed Scotch whiskey is best enjoyed with ice for a cool, smooth finish.

Glenfarclas 8 Years

Glenfarclas 8 years old has a bright amber color, on the nose it contains notes of sweet fig jam. The palate is powerful and sweet, with hints of meat, oak and earth. Powerful but youthful finish.

The Macallan Double Cask 15 Anos

The Macallan Double Cask 15 Years Old is a harmonious combination of barrels. Rich in aromas of dried fruits, golden caramel and honey. Aged for 15 years contributing even more to harmony between the two types of barrels.

Jack Daniel’s Tennesse Honey

Jack Daniel Tennessee Honey is a blend of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey and an exclusive honey liqueur of its own manufacture, so it's a one-of-a-kind taste and unmistakably, it's Jack Daniels. With honey notes and a smooth finish is naturally smooth, Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey is something special, extraordinary.

The Balvenie Doublewood 12 Anos

Balvenie 12 Years aged in traditional oak casks for 12 years and was later transferred to oak casks which contained sherry. Aroma of sweet fruit, with notes of sherry, mixed with honey and vanilla. The palate alternately evokes the sweetness of sherry, citrus and spices. The end is long and hot.

Glenfiddich 12 Anos

Carefully matured in the finest oak casks of Spanish sherry and American bourbon for at least 12 years. Married and matured in oak barrels for perfect harmony of aroma and flavor. A single Malt Scotch whiskey with distinct notes of fresh pears, with subtle oak flavors and a perfect, smooth finish. The signature expression of the most awarded single Scotch Malt whiskey in the world.

Old Parr 12 Anos

Born in 1483, Thomas Parr lived 152 years in Great Britain. In 1871, the brothers James and Samuel Greenles created the Grand Old Parr, in homage to the legendary Thomas Parr. And legend has it that the spirit of longevity of this incredible man is in every dose of Old Parr. Aged for 12 years, the main malt of composition is Cragganmore, the most famous malt of Speyside, region where scotch whiskey was born.