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Adega Velha 30 Anos

The Adega Velha 30 Anos fulfills the dream of producing a single brandy. A preciousness just possible to achieve with decades of aging. With its topaz hue, attractive aroma and long and unmistakable finish, it is a truly unique and special brandy. Contains sulfites.

Adega Velha XO 12 Anos

The 12-year stage in French oak casks gives the Adega Velha XO its magnificent amber color. With a very rich and complex aroma, marked by notes of berries and nuts, surrounded by the nobility of the wood, this brandy seduces by its silky texture, aromatic complexity and marked and prolonged end. Contains sulfites.

Aliança Velha

In the nose, Aliança Velha gathers an intense and fruity character with notes of oak and spices. On the palate, powerful flavors suggest grilled almonds, supported by notes reminiscent of fresh grapes and a velvety texture. A brandy to enjoy pure, either as a long drink (mixed with ginger ale or tonic water, for example) or in a cocktail.

Aliança XO 20 Anos

Amber in color, with aromatic notes of nuts and crystallized fruits and a soft and complex palate where it emphasizes a very soft dryness that impels to the consumption. Contains sulfites.

Aliança XO 40 anos

Amber in color, the 40-year-old Coal Coal, was distilled in 1963 by the Charentais Method (2 distilleries) and has been in the French, American and Portuguese oak barrels for over 40 years. Contains sulfites.

Antiqua VSOP

Gold color. Aroma complex, with notes of nuts and coffee. Velvety taste, acquired over several years of aging. Contains sulfites.

Antíqua VSOP com cálice

Gold color. Aroma complex, with notes of nuts and coffee. Velvety taste, acquired over several years of aging. Contains sulfites.

Antiquíssima Aguardente Vínica Velha

The Antiquissima is the result of a careful selection of the best wine spirits and a long stage in oak wood. It brings together the flavor and the tradition of the Alliance, in the elaboration of old spirits of exception. Stage of 8 years in Portuguese, French and American oak barrels. Golden color, intense aroma valued by the softness of the notes of wood where it staged. The palate is aromatic and velvety, with a long and enveloping finish. Ideal for drinking as a digestive. Contains sulfites.

Ararat 10 Anos

Armenian brandy ARARAT "Akhtamar", named after the beautiful legend about Princess Tamar's love for a brave young man who conquered the turbulent waters of Lake Van every night for her sake, today gives rise to legend. An exceptional blend of over fifteen spirits, giving this 10-year-old brandy a full, smooth, silky and pleasantly sour flavor with a long lasting aftertaste. Warm amber tones shimmer with faint copper highlights. Bulky and sweet, it combines strong notes of plum and cinnamon. Beeswax, walnut and oak with hints of plum and vanilla.

Caves Velhas 40 Anos

Aging over 40 years in Limousin and Portuguese oak barrels. Coming from the careful distillation of quality wines and aging in Limousin and Portuguese oak casks. Crystalline and shiny appearance, amber color loaded with greenish tinge. Complex aroma with intense aromas of Cuban cigar with notes of caramelized nuts. It is an elegant, harmonious and complex brandy. Soft flavor almost liqueur, very persistent. Contains sulfites.


Dark golden color and green nuances, this brandy has a strong aroma of wood. The palate is soft and velvety on the palate and with a very elegant and persistent. Contains sulfites.

Fim de Século 25 Anos

Crystalline appearance. Color topaz dark, with greenish nuances. Sui generis fruity aroma with predominance in apricot, vanilla, dried black plums, walnuts and roasted beans. Fruity flavor, soft and unctuous with evidence of noble tannins that give it structure and elegance. Contains sulfites.